Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nail Post - September 2013 Mani Faves!

I can't believe September is over! This month flew by and so much has happened for me.
I finishes my 6th week of class for this semester which seems like a really short and long time?
My little bugg turned 3 on the 22nd!
I failed a Bio and a Calc exam!
It's just been super exciting this month. *sarcasm but not really sarcasm*

But anyway... on to the nails! If you follow me on Instagram (<--click to follow^-^), you have seen these already. If you don't, then you need to! Lol but really, these are four I really liked for the month of September.

First up is my Julep mani using the polishes I got from my box this month. I chose this one because I really really love the colors I got. I mostly did this design to show off the colors. The only reason the dots are there are for the mani to be a mani and not just a swatch.

Next I did a mani inspired by Youtube's MissJenFABULOUS. If you wanna read my previous blog post on why I chose this particular design of hers the link is here. I really love something simple and neutral once in a while and I also really love mix n match nails. It gives me more to do.

I also did a haul post (click here!!!) on some makeup tools and nail polishes I had bought not too long ago. I did a swatch of them and I really love this color. It's called 105 Midnight Blue from Sinful Colors. It. Is. GORGEOUS!

Lastly is my mani from about a week ago that I did a pictorial post on (here). This was so much fun for me to do. It was also my first time doing single glitter placement which was such a pain but turned out pretty wonderful. I got lazy when I went to do my right hand and just ended up doing silver dots haha!

That concludes another post! I love you!

Kiss, Kiss.

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