Friday, March 6, 2015

The Purge - My Lipglosses, Lip Stains, Liquid Lipsticks, and Chubby Pencils

This is the biggest section of my makeup collection. I have a ton of glosses and a fair amount of lip chubby sticks, and I know I don't wear these on a regular basis. I really wish I did, because I purchased the majority of them, myself.

I have them stored in a plastic 3 compartment container that I bought at the dollar store. All of them fit, but one compartment is a good bit fuller than the others, and that's the compartment I reach in the least. Let's start with that one.

Let's start with the 4 Rimmel Moisture Renews. I have the shades Pink Benefit, Pink Remedy, Hydra Beige, and Mauve Renew. I'm tossing both of the pink shades. I never wore them when I first bought them, with the exception of a handful of times. The other 2 shades I absolutely love. I just need to start wearing them more.

I have 3 Sally Hansen glosses and one from Milani. They are Berries-N-Cream, Twisted Nude, Sheer Bare, and Quick Flash. The only one from this bunch that I'm getting rid of is the Milani. The formula of this gloss is excellent, but the color is too pink and too shimmery for my taste.

My next batch of glosses are all nudes. Two are from Nyx, while the other two are Starlooks and Revlon. The shade names are GLG07, Elizabeth, Pout, and Sunset Peach. I thought I would be able to get rid of the first Nyx gloss, but once I swatched it, I remembered how pretty it was. So I'm keeping all four of these.

The last group are 3 Mary Kay glosses: Mango Tango, Berry Me, and Poppy Love. The last one is the only one of the bunch I'm keeping because the color is so stunning.

Next are my chubby lip colors. I really enjoy this kind of product. They're easy to use, easy to store, and most of them have a lovely minty scent or tingle to them. First up are my elf Matte Lip Colors. I have the shades Natural, Praline, and Coral. Each is a gorgeous nude, one more peachy, one more brown, and the last more pink. I love them all. They're really comfortable to wear, and the finish is amazing. I'll be keeping all three.

Up next are two from NYC, one Wet N Wild, and one Sally Hansen. They are called Ballroom Blush, Riverside Rose, Lady and the Vamp, and Happy Berry. All of these give a lovely shine. I adore each color, so I'm not getting rid of any of these four, either.

These next 3 I received in Ipsy bags. The first two from Pop Beauty, and the third from Be a Bombshell. I have the colors Coral Crush, Rose Romance, and Shameless. I'm tossing the one from Be a Bombshell. The color is really pretty, but it has a frosty finish to it that I don't see myself enjoying.

Here are the last three chubby sticks: one from Mary Kay, and the other two from Revlon. I have the shades Coral Me Crazy, Crush, and Coquette. I knew before swatching these that I didn't want the Mary Kay pencil. I had issues with it being too soft when I first got it, and it's the type that you have to sharpen. None of my other chubby pencils need to be sharpened. They're all retractable.

This last section holds my most used/most pigmented glosses, stains, and lip lacquers. I'll start with my Rimmel Show Offs. I have swatches of all four shades and a full review here. I've got Light Year, Aurora, Luna, and Celestial. I would never give up any of these. They are so freaking beautiful! I need to but a billion more.

We're finally down to the last little bunch of lippies! These last five are from Nyx, Pop Beauty, and Elizabeth Mott. They are Apple Strudel, Éclair, Fuschia Freesia, Peony Petal, and Cherry. I wouldn't dream of giving up any of these either. That's why they're my most used.

Starting Number: 37
Ending Number: 30

I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't part with more of these, but progress is progress. I'm happy that I'm getting rid of 7 lippies that can find a new home with my sisters or a friend of mine. Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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