Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Too Faced Cosmetics: The Favorites

A while back, I bought a little bundle of mini products from Too Faced to try out before I committed to buying anything full sized. I only own one thing from the brand, but there's a lot of good things said about Too Faced products, so I had to see for myself. I have seven products here, 5 of which are always talked about. Let's get to it!

Just to get this out of the way, this is the one product I already own. I gave the sample size to my bestie so she could up her makeup game. You have to have a good eyeshadow primer. You can make a gorgeous shadow look, and it only last a few hours because you didn't use a primer. Shadow Insurance is one of 3 shadow primers I own, and it is my ride or die. 

Better Than Sex Mascara
You either love this mascara or you hate it. Lashes are such a huge part of my makeup routine. I can have on a full face, but still feel incomplete without mascara on. I've never been good at applying falsies, so mascara is my best friend. 

I was so incredibly surprised to see that this would actually show up on my skin! I can't tell you how excited I am! It's so hard to find bronzers that I can use to contour with. Not to mention the obvious chocolate smell. Too Faced recently released the Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. Once I run out of this sample, I'll be checking out the Dark version.

Primed & Poreless Face Primer
I so love face products. Primers, concealers, foundations, blush, and highlighters are the most amazing things ever and I love them all so much. I have larger pores around the center of my face. If this primer helps to fill them, I'm sold.

Glamour Gloss in Sex Pot
I don't know that many Too Faced glosses are talked about in the beauty world. I hear a lot about their lipsticks. This gloss is a plumping gloss. I don't exactly need any help with the size of my lips, but the color is gorgeous. It's more of a fall/winter shade, but if worn over a nude lipstick would be very pretty in the summer.

Melted Liquified Lipstick in Melted Peony
This was the other product I was most excited to try. These are so raved about on YouTube and on Instagram. I have always wanted to try them, but I don't want to spend the money on them. I might have to if I love this as much as I think I will.

Primed & Poreless Powder
I'm running low on powders. It has a slight yellow tinge to it, which would work perfectly with my warm skintone. I'm stoked to use this to set my T-zone. It can also be meant to prime the skin, I assume, for a powder foundation if you didn't want to use a traditional primer. I'll be using it as a finishing powder.

Kiss, Kiss.

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