Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Purge: Mascaras and Lipliners

I have a feeling this will be a fairly short declutter. I do own a decent amount of each of these, but I had to combine these two because on their own they wouldn't be long enough for me to justify doing this. I've been putting this section off for some reason. I don't think I was ready to get rid of any of my liners, but I know I don't use all of them. The mascaras will be easy to sort through. Some of them I haven't tossed, specifically for this post.

I just want to run through my unopened mascaras first. I know I'm keeping them at least to try out. If I don't like them, they go to my sisters to see if they can make them work. I have 5 minis: Benefit They're Real, Urban Decay Perversion, Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, Ultraflesh The Gold Standard, and Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant. I know I love the Benefit, Tarte, and UD. The full size mascaras I have unopened are LÓreal Lash Out Butterfly and Revlon Bold Lacquer. I'm hoping to like both of them. I hate getting rid of full tubes of mascara.

Moving on to the opened tubes, in mini form I have the same three Tarte, Urban Decay, and Benefit mascaras. Full sizes that I have open are Origins Gin-Zing, and Mary Kay The Ultimate, Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex, and Wet N Wild Mega Length. I love the Origins as a lengthening and separating mascara. The WNW has a wand that is perfect for the lower lashes. I know I'm tossing the Rimmel. I hadn't intended to, but it smells awful. I just recently chucked Wet N Wild Mega Protein and Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes.

Starting Number: 16
Ending Number: 13

My lipliner collection is super small. I only have 9. All of them but 3 are browns, and three of them are the exact same shade. I didn't do it on purpose, but it is my most used lipliner so I can't complain. That would be the Wet N Wild liner in Chestnut. It literally looks good with everything. Also from WNW, I have Berry Red, and Willow. I've got one NYX liner in Nutmeg, and 3 from Starlooks. They are Cherry Cedar, Tickle Me Pink, and Naked. I can't part with any of these.

Starting Number: 9
Ending Number: 9

I didn't toss many things in this category, but these aren't items I own a lot of. I have my staple products and that's what I tend to stick with. Hopefully, the next installment will have better results. Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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