Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review Post - January 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag

Sorry I'm late in posting this, but I didn't get my bag until the middle of week 3! Both my mom and sister got their bags a full week before I got mine. Thanks Ipsy. Let's get on with the review.

The Goods:

I really didn't like makeup bag this month. I completely understand what they were trying to do with the design, but it just didn't translate well. It was supposed to be a skyline of skincare and makeup products. It failed. The color of the bag is nice, and if it had been an actual skyline it would have been a really cute makeup bag.

This first product I was really glad to get. It was the Willa Naturals On The Go Gentle Cleansing Lavender Face Towelettes. I am always willing to try new make remover wipes. There were 10 in the packet, which is plenty to figure out if you like the product or not. They also sell these in a 30 pack. The smell was pleasant, and they took off my makeup pretty well except for my mascara. That's no big deal to me since I have eye makeup remover pads anyway. They were well moistened, too; not too dry and not too wet. The only problem I had with them was the size of the actual towelette. I like to have something I can physically cover my face with. Other than that, these are a really great product.
The wipes are hypo allergenic, paraben and sulfate free, non-comedogenic, and contain aloe and green tea extracts. This basically means it's safe for any skin type. The wipes won't irritate the skin or cause you to break out, and they will keep your skin feeling hydrated after you use them.
[]Pass [X]Buy

Up next is another hair product from Healthy Sexy Hair. While I like this brand, I'm getting tired of getting products from them. I like trying out new hair products, especially conditioners, but some variation in the brand given out would be nice. Anyway, the actual item I got was the Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. This stuff smells really good. It comes in the typical spray bottle format, which I have no problem with. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or crunchy or anything when it dries. The sample bottle was 1.7 fl oz. Full size bottle is 8.5 fl oz.
[]Pass [X]Buy

This next product is probably my favorite out of the bunch. It's another item from Mica Beauty Cosmetics, but this time it isn't a loose eyeshadow! I got the Tinted Lip Balm in the shade 05 Natural. It a very neutral lip color. It's a lip colored pinky-mauvey-beige, if that makes sense. It does dry to satin finish. I have really chapped lips, so with this I have to also wear a lipgloss.
[]Pass [X]Buy

The only other makeup product in this month's bag was the Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Pencil. I got it in the shade Penny. It is right up my alley. I absolutely love bronze and copper shades for my eyes. The color payoff is really great, and once it sets, it will not budge. After swatching it on my hand, it didn't come off when I went to wash it. This is an eye product you'll definitely need makeup remover for. That being said, it would be perfect for the waterline. The only drawback on this is that it needs to be sharpened. It looks like it twists up, but sadly it does not.
[]Pass [X]Buy

Last is the Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion with Argan and Rosewater. We've gotten one other product from Nourish Organic before and it was a hand lotion that smelled heavenly. This product is not lacking in the smell department. It reminds me of the Origins Gin Zing facial moisturizer in both texture and smell. This might have a bit more of an orange smell to it though. It would moisturize well if I weren't so dry. So if you have normal to oily skin and want a light moisturizer, this is the ticket. It's fast absorbing and smells wonderful.
[X]Pass []Buy

Price Summary:
Willa Towelettes - 4.50$
Healthy Hair Spray - 3.59$
Mica Beauty Lip Balm - 20.00$ ???
Elizabeth Mott Pencil - 6.99$
Nourish Organic Lotion - 6.47$
Total: 41.55$ USD

Overall, this was a solid bag. I hated the actual bag, but the products inside were pretty nice. I don't like that none of the products were full size, but there wasn't a really tiny sample either. I'll have an actual swatch on my lips of the Mica Beauty lip balm on my Instagram. I would really appreciate a follow! Until Next time!

Kiss, Kiss.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Makeup Post - Wet N Wild Holiday Palette Swatches/Review

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry it took this long to get this out, but this will be an overview on the Wet N Wild Limited Edition Color Icon Eyeshadow Medley palette in 34210 "No Neutral Ground".

Here is a description of the shadow colors:

  • Top Row ("Shimmer Overcoats")- mid toned mauve, golden champagne, true gold
  • Middle Row ("Pearl Powders") - cool dusty purple, tarnished bronze, forest green with gold sheen
  • Bottom Row ("Matte Definers")- cool deep brown, hunter green

This palette has to be my favorite out of the three! The colors!!!! I just can't deal with the colors! The consistency of the eye shadows is amazing. I only thought one of them was powdery, and that was the light champagne shade in the top middle. I really cannot believe how amazing this eye shadow palette is. This might be my new favorite Wet N Wild palette! I'm so sorry "Comfort Zone"!

I am really impressed with the limited edition palettes. The pigmentation was great on these, although the texture was a little hit and miss. Overall, I can still say that Wet N Wild still has my favorite drugstore eye shadows. You can't beat the price or the wonderful application of these shadows.

Kiss, Kiss.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Haul Post - Makeup Goodies From All Over The Place!

I stopped at a few places to pick up whatever caught my eye. Two of these were from back when CVS and Walgreens had their beauty clearance sales. I couldn't tell you which store they were from though. I did get 2 things from the Dollar Store, too.

The Goods:

From Wet N Wild, I got the Limited Edition Fergie Fringe Signature Faux Lashes kit. It has 2 pairs of lashes and a little tube of eyelash glue. One of the pairs is super dramatic and thick. The other pair are still kind of dramatic, but they are more piecy and whispy. These were only 5$! That is a fantastic price for 2 pairs of falsies considering other drugstore brands like Andrea, Salon Perfect, and Ardell go for 7$ for one single pair.

The next two products I got from the Dollar Store. The first is just a clear lipgloss from LA Colors. It's their Moisturizing Lipgloss in the shade Clear BLG60. It claims to moisturize lips with vitamin E. It's just your typical clear gloss. I just wanted to pick this up to have something to go over my lipstick that won't alter the color, and I was tired of getting my Carmex filthy, haha.
It smells really good, like a tropical fruit mix. It isn't thick at all and gives a decent amount of shine for only costing a dollar. Because it's not thick, it may not be long-lasting though. We shall see.

The other Dollar Store item I bought was the elf Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in the shade 81106 Blue/Midnight. It's a double ended (which I didn't find out until I got back home) cream shadow stick. One end it tapered and pointed, whereas the other end is blunt. I bought this a) for the color and b) because I thought it would look really pretty as a pop of color on the lower lid and in the outer V. Both ends twist up to give you a really good amount of product. I have always loved that elf makes really clever packaging.

I picked up another foundation. This is from a brand I've never tried before. It's the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in the shade 290 Cappuccino. This is kind of dark for me, but it would be good for contouring, for the summer, or for using on either of my sisters. I think it's supposed to be light to medium coverage, but from just testing it out on the back of my hand it looks like you can build it up a bit. It has SPF 20, which is good, and it is a water based foundation so it shouldn't make me look crazy and shiny. This was 75% off at CVS.

My last item is also from CVS, and it was also 75% off. I have never tried these before from this brand, but this isn't the usual type of beauty product they make which may explain why it was on clearance. I got the Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm in the shade 25 Happy Berry. As per the name, it is a light berry color with a hint of shimmer. It smells wonderful! It has a light vanilla scent to it that smells like something I've eaten before, but I can't place the scent.
It is super creamy and moisturizing, but it doesn't feel heavy. It doesn't give a while lot of color though, which is ok when you're going for a more subtle makeup look. It definitely has some shine to it. The shimmer doesn't come across on the lips though. I'm not a huge fan of a shimmery lip product, so that's great for me.

I have a ton of other things to do a haul on that I've bought in the past few weeks, so come back to see what else I've been trying out.

Kiss, Kiss.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Haul Post - Wet N Wild Holiday Palette Swatches/Review

Hey guys! Welcome back. This time I'll be doing swatches of the 34209 "Lights, Camera, Attraction" palette from Wet N Wild. Of the three, this is the palette I was attracted to first. The colors are stunning in the pan, and they're also really gorgeous in swatches. Pictures are without flash, then with.

As with other Wet N Wild palettes, these shades don't have names, so I will describe them.
  • Top Row ("Shimmer Overcoats"): icy blue shimmer, pale pink shimmer, frosty purple shimmer
  • Middle Row ("Pearl Powders"): bold deep blue, mauve-y pink, mid toned purple
  • Bottom Row ("Matte Definers"): dusty blue, charcoal purple

The shimmers in this palette have a ton more pigmentation than the last palette I reviewed and swatched. The purple was a bit of a disappointment, though. It looks so rich in the pan and comes off a bit sheer. I am still super impressed with Wet N Wild's matte shades. They don't do a lot of matte eye shadows, but these are super rich and super pigmented. I would absolutely recommend picking these up if they're still available at your local drug store.

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Kiss, Kiss.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Nail Post - New Polishes Part 3!

Here are the last of my untried nail polishes! (FOR NOW!!!) These are a bit brighter and really good for spring. Two of them I found a few weeks ago and were limited edition, so I couldn't find them anywhere!!!

Wet N' Wild Wild Shine "Listening to Blue Reed"

Holy crap, this is gorgeous! I did not think I would like this color as much as I did. It's super pretty in the bottle, but when you get it on your nails, it's like WHAM! Crazy gorgeous blue!!!

Covergirl Outlast Glosstinis "Sangria"

I din't realize when I bought this that it had shimmer in it. But is BEAUTIFUL! The formula is freaking great too! You could absolutely get away with one coat of this polish. Unlike other red nail polishes, this doesn't stain your nails! At least it didn't stain mine. 

Covergirl Outlast Glosstinis "Orange Oasis"

I'm not a huge fan of orange nails, but this orange is a bit more  of a true orange than the other orange polish I have, so I picked up. It has the same great formula as the other Glosstini. 

OPI "You're Such a Budapest"

I was so super crazy excited to finally find these last two nail polishes. They're both from the OPI Euro Centrale collection, and I literally died when I found them. They were buy 1 get 2 free! That's a deal you cannot pass up. 
OPI "Can't Find My Czechbook"

This color is a little more turquoise in real life, but it is so pretty. It's limited edition too, so I am so happy I found it during that sale.

I was beyond thrilled to find the two OPIs! I hadn't seen them since early summer, and the salon in the mall where I work had them on sale buy one, get 2 free!!!! PURE BLISS!!!

Kiss, Kiss.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Nail Post - New Polishes Part 2!

This weeks nail polish swatches are two OPI, a Nicole by OPI, and my new fast drying top coat! A review for the top coat will be featured on my Instagram. Head on over and check it out! Just look for the picture with the bottle of top coat.

OPI "Berlin There, Done That" (No Top Coat)

Nicole by OPI "Miss Independent" (NTC)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Berlin (NTC)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Miss (NTC)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Berlin (Out The Door topcoat)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Miss (Out The Door topcoat)

As you can see, I'm trying to get a schedule going with my posts. Hopefully, I can do a post at least once a week on Fridays. So come back next week to see more nail polish swatches! Love you!

Kiss, Kiss.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Haul Post - Wet N Wild Holiday Collection Swatches/Review

I finally found the last of the three Color Icon Eyeshadow Medley palettes! YAY! I bought the first two at the beginning of December, and then finally found the last of the three this past weekend. There are three rows of shadows in each palette. Wet N Wild describes the top row as "Shimmer Overcoats for Browbone", the middle row"Pearl Powders for Eyelid", and the bottom row as "Matte Definers for Eye Line". I'm really happy to see them doing more matte shadows. For me, two matte shadows in a palette is plenty when I have six other shimmer eyeshadows to play with.

The first palette is 34208 A Great Glistener.

This palette comes with 8 neutral eyeshadows ranging from a shimmery white to a matte charcoal. Wet N Wild tends not to name their shadows, but I will describe each one.
  • Top Row: metallic silver shimmer, off-white shimmer, peachy-champagne shimmer
  • Middle Row: steel gray, dusty purple, golden brown
  • Bottom Row: matte charcoal, deep matte brown

The consistency of these shadows is just the same as all the other Color Icon shadows. They're nice and soft. I had no problems swatching any of these. They glide on like butter! I will probably be using this palette in conjunction with my Julep Sweep Eyeshadow Palette to do a makeup look for an upcoming post on Instagram

I will do swatches of the other two in successive blog posts, so come back soon! Love you^-^

Kiss, Kiss.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Nail Post - New Polishes! Part 1

I bought like 12 new polishes and thought I would swatch them for you.^-^ These swatches will also be on my Instagram. I will swatch a few at a time for you guys. Otherwise my nail beds will look so much more horrid, lol.

Zoya "Giovanna"
"Zoya Nail Polish in Giovanna can be best described as a stunning emerald green metallic."

Nicole By OPI "Shoot for the Maroon"
plum with duo chrome purple and gold reflects

Wet N' Wild Fastdry 230C "Saved by the Blue"
frosted, bold true blue

Stay tuned for the next installment in about a week!

Kiss, Kiss.