Monday, January 6, 2014

Haul Post - Wet N Wild Holiday Collection Swatches/Review

I finally found the last of the three Color Icon Eyeshadow Medley palettes! YAY! I bought the first two at the beginning of December, and then finally found the last of the three this past weekend. There are three rows of shadows in each palette. Wet N Wild describes the top row as "Shimmer Overcoats for Browbone", the middle row"Pearl Powders for Eyelid", and the bottom row as "Matte Definers for Eye Line". I'm really happy to see them doing more matte shadows. For me, two matte shadows in a palette is plenty when I have six other shimmer eyeshadows to play with.

The first palette is 34208 A Great Glistener.

This palette comes with 8 neutral eyeshadows ranging from a shimmery white to a matte charcoal. Wet N Wild tends not to name their shadows, but I will describe each one.
  • Top Row: metallic silver shimmer, off-white shimmer, peachy-champagne shimmer
  • Middle Row: steel gray, dusty purple, golden brown
  • Bottom Row: matte charcoal, deep matte brown

The consistency of these shadows is just the same as all the other Color Icon shadows. They're nice and soft. I had no problems swatching any of these. They glide on like butter! I will probably be using this palette in conjunction with my Julep Sweep Eyeshadow Palette to do a makeup look for an upcoming post on Instagram

I will do swatches of the other two in successive blog posts, so come back soon! Love you^-^

Kiss, Kiss.

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