Friday, January 10, 2014

Nail Post - New Polishes Part 2!

This weeks nail polish swatches are two OPI, a Nicole by OPI, and my new fast drying top coat! A review for the top coat will be featured on my Instagram. Head on over and check it out! Just look for the picture with the bottle of top coat.

OPI "Berlin There, Done That" (No Top Coat)

Nicole by OPI "Miss Independent" (NTC)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Berlin (NTC)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Miss (NTC)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Berlin (Out The Door topcoat)

OPI "I Snow You Love Me" w/Miss (Out The Door topcoat)

As you can see, I'm trying to get a schedule going with my posts. Hopefully, I can do a post at least once a week on Fridays. So come back next week to see more nail polish swatches! Love you!

Kiss, Kiss.

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