Monday, January 20, 2014

Haul Post - Makeup Goodies From All Over The Place!

I stopped at a few places to pick up whatever caught my eye. Two of these were from back when CVS and Walgreens had their beauty clearance sales. I couldn't tell you which store they were from though. I did get 2 things from the Dollar Store, too.

The Goods:

From Wet N Wild, I got the Limited Edition Fergie Fringe Signature Faux Lashes kit. It has 2 pairs of lashes and a little tube of eyelash glue. One of the pairs is super dramatic and thick. The other pair are still kind of dramatic, but they are more piecy and whispy. These were only 5$! That is a fantastic price for 2 pairs of falsies considering other drugstore brands like Andrea, Salon Perfect, and Ardell go for 7$ for one single pair.

The next two products I got from the Dollar Store. The first is just a clear lipgloss from LA Colors. It's their Moisturizing Lipgloss in the shade Clear BLG60. It claims to moisturize lips with vitamin E. It's just your typical clear gloss. I just wanted to pick this up to have something to go over my lipstick that won't alter the color, and I was tired of getting my Carmex filthy, haha.
It smells really good, like a tropical fruit mix. It isn't thick at all and gives a decent amount of shine for only costing a dollar. Because it's not thick, it may not be long-lasting though. We shall see.

The other Dollar Store item I bought was the elf Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in the shade 81106 Blue/Midnight. It's a double ended (which I didn't find out until I got back home) cream shadow stick. One end it tapered and pointed, whereas the other end is blunt. I bought this a) for the color and b) because I thought it would look really pretty as a pop of color on the lower lid and in the outer V. Both ends twist up to give you a really good amount of product. I have always loved that elf makes really clever packaging.

I picked up another foundation. This is from a brand I've never tried before. It's the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in the shade 290 Cappuccino. This is kind of dark for me, but it would be good for contouring, for the summer, or for using on either of my sisters. I think it's supposed to be light to medium coverage, but from just testing it out on the back of my hand it looks like you can build it up a bit. It has SPF 20, which is good, and it is a water based foundation so it shouldn't make me look crazy and shiny. This was 75% off at CVS.

My last item is also from CVS, and it was also 75% off. I have never tried these before from this brand, but this isn't the usual type of beauty product they make which may explain why it was on clearance. I got the Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm in the shade 25 Happy Berry. As per the name, it is a light berry color with a hint of shimmer. It smells wonderful! It has a light vanilla scent to it that smells like something I've eaten before, but I can't place the scent.
It is super creamy and moisturizing, but it doesn't feel heavy. It doesn't give a while lot of color though, which is ok when you're going for a more subtle makeup look. It definitely has some shine to it. The shimmer doesn't come across on the lips though. I'm not a huge fan of a shimmery lip product, so that's great for me.

I have a ton of other things to do a haul on that I've bought in the past few weeks, so come back to see what else I've been trying out.

Kiss, Kiss.

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