Friday, February 27, 2015

4 or More Tag - Starlooks Gel Liners

It's been soooooo long since I've made a post like this. I was scrolling down my Instagram, and found my last 4 or More post, and thought, "I should start this back up!" So here I am with another installment of this super fun tag. I have one other 4 or More post here.

I subscribe to Starlooks Starbox and they've sent out their gel liners a few times over the last year. I really love all the ones I've gotten. The have a wonderful consistency, and the color payoff is really great, too. I own 5 of them. Let me show them to you!

The first one I ever got was Orion. It is a beautiful bold blue that I've used sever times when I was feeling particularly spicy. The consistency is lovely. It's super opaque, and it glides on so well. The staying power is amazing too. This one will stain, but is easily removed with makeup remover.

I'm not too sure what order I got these next two liners in, but it doesn't really matter. They're both gorgeous. I don't use these two a whole lot, though. If I do, it's either as a shadow base or in my waterline for a pop of color. The first is Milky Way. This one I use the least, but can't bring myself to part with it. It's not the most opaque color, but for the inner corner, a base, or in the waterline, it's amazing.

Sun is (you guessed it!) a bright golden yellow. I have worn this as liner, but it makes a stunning base for gold and bronze eyeshadows. This one gives a really nice golden sheen to the lid if worn alone.

When Ashley Hackman from YouTube curated a box with Starbox, she included the Black Hole liner in that box. I die for this eye liner! It is the blackest, creamiest, most long lasting cream liner I have ever tried. I will forever repurchase this until I find something better. I have 2 other black cream/gel liners, and I haven't picked them up since getting Black Hole.

My most recent gem is called Wyld. It's definitely my favorite after Black Hole. This is a gorgeous shade that's right up my alley. I love this as a base or in my waterline for a really dewy, glossy eyed look.

Those are all of my Starlooks Gel Liners. I hope you enjoyed this 4 or More post and stay tuned for more. Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Purge - My Blush Collection

I went through a phase where I was completely obsessed with blushes, and now I have a ton. I'm not actually sure how many of these I'm gonna be able to get rid of, because basically all of them are different. I have 4 drawers of blushes in my little storage containers.

Starting with the first drawer, I have 11 of varying brands and formats. Out of these 11, I'm keeping 8 of them. The 3 that I'm getting rid of are 834 Berry Shimmer from Wet N Wild, Glossy Rosewood from Kryolan, and Luminoso from Milani. I really love all 3 of these and I'm getting rid of them for different reasons. The WNW, because I have another of them, the Kryolan because it arrived broken, and the Milani because it's just so light on me.

My second drawer contains 9 blushers. I cant being myself to get rid of any of these! Swatching these, I almost booted out Pinched from Sheercover and Melon from City Color, but they both look a billion times better applied with a brush, so I couldn't do it.

Drawer number 3 has all my boxed blushes, of which there are 6. I'm not letting go of any of these either lol. I just can't do it. I thought about getting rid of Skinny Dipping from Hard Candy, but the shades in that box are just too pretty. I'll have to make an effort to use that one more often.

The very last drawer only has 2 products in it: my blush/bronzer duos. I know for a fact that I'm keeping the elf one in St. Lucia. The Wet N Wild one, I will be letting go of. I like the bronzer portion because it's matte, and makes for a good transition color on the lid, but the blush isn't worth a thing.

Starting Number:28
Ending Number: 24

I'm only down 4 blushes, but progress is progress for me! Hopefully I can at least hit pan on a few of these and make keeping them worth my while.

Kiss, Kiss.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 2015 Julep Maven Unboxing

I haven't gotten a Julep box in FOREVER! I haven't really been in a nail polish mood for the past few months, but they came out with these gorgeous new highlighters, and I just couldn't help myself.

Welcome to The Afterglow Collection

Glow Highlighting Powder in Champagne
Let's start with the packaging. The packaging is beautiful! I mean, it is seriously so sleek and gorgeous. Way to go Julep! You get 12g of product in here, and the compact comes with a huge mirror. I don't actually own a champagne colored highlighter that isn't a cream, so obviously I had to get this.

Illume Face & Eye Brightener in Pick Me Up
This reminds me of the Mac Prep & Prime pens in format. I've never had one of these kinds of highlighters either, so yay for getting one in this box. This is also a champagne color. You could layer these two products for a super intense glow. Or you could just use them alone for a subtle sheen.

Nail Color in Hartleigh
Hartleigh was an exclusive polish released specifically for Valentine's Day. You can't even find it on the website for purchase separately. It's a glitter polish with a clear base, micro and hex silver glitters, red hex glitters, and red heart glitters. It's super pretty.

Price Summary:
Glow Powder - 28.00
Illume Pen - 22.00
Hartleigh - 14.00
Total: 64.00$ USD

Friday, February 13, 2015

January 2015 Starlooks Starbox Unboxing

Hey loves! Welcome back for another Starbox unboxing with me! YAY!!! Ya'll know how much I love this subscription. You get all full size products shipped to your door every month for 15$ plus about 3$ shipping. You cannot beat that!  In the month of January, we were in for a treat from Starlooks.

Marsala Lipstick
Starbox hit us with the color of the year in a lipstick! I really appreciate getting products that are the Pantone color of the year. That way I don't have to go out and look for them myself. I really love their lipstick formula, and I quite like this color. It's a gorgeous mauvey, rusty, nude shade, which is right up my alley.

I-Contour 853 Blending Brush
YASSSSSSS! I love getting brushes. This brush is a super soft, slightly tapered, domed blending brush. This is gonna be great for depositing color in the crease, especially if you're going for a nice cut crease look. I'm stoked!

Kohl Eye Pencil in Chestnut
While I am a fan of their kohl liners, I really didn't need another neutral eye liner. Just like the name implies, Chestnut is a deep, warm brown. I would use it to darken my waterline and smudge under my lower lash line when black was too heavy for the look.

Malibu Soapworks Brush Wash in Young Coconut
This is FREAKING AMAZING! I've never tried a solid brush cleanser before. Or really any brush cleanser for that matter, since I wash them by hand with dish liquid. It's an all natural cleanser with some really great natural oils to condition your bristles as you wash them.

Price Summary:
Lipstick - 14.00
Brush - 22.00
Eye Pencil - 16.00
Brush Cleanser - 12.50
Total: 64.50$ USD

Kiss, Kiss.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January 2015 Glossybox Unboxing

This is my last Glossybox for a while. I'm so sad! I really enjoy this subscription, but I only got a 3 month deal when I bought this back in November.

Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum
This is some super adorable packaging. It't only .17 fl oz, but for a serum, that's plenty to figure out whether or not you like the product. It says to apply twice daily, but I'm sure I'll only end up using it at night. I feel most serums are too heavy to use any other time than at night, but with my combo-oily skin, I would end up looking like a greaseball if I were to use this in the morning.

Lollipops Eye Pencil in Goodbye Moon
The packaging!!!! It's so freaking cute! I don't think I've ever seen a cuter eye liner. It's retractable, which is great, because I wouldn't want to destroy the gorgeous pink and gold print. I'm not super stoked about the color, but it'll definitely get some use.

Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 Cleanser
I am so excited to get a product from Vichy! This is my very first, and I've heard wonderful things about their products. I would have preferred a moisturizer or something other than a cleanser, but the size of the sample is great. I could get plenty of uses out of it to tell if I like it or not.

Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Beautiful Eyes Flat Stiff Brush
Love getting new brushes! Even if the quality isn't that great, I still have another brush in case my faves are dirty. The box this brush comes in has this uber cute graphic design on it. The brush, itself, has the same pattern on the handle! It has natural fibers, and is super dense. This will be a new go-to.

Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner
Toners are one product that I rarely get in monthly subscriptions. So to get a full size one is pretty amazing. I don't go through a whole lot of toner, but it's really nice to have a backup. It has some really nice skin soothing ingredients in it like aloe juice, chamomile, and calendula extract. It looks really promising.

Price Summary:
Skin&Co Serum - 13.33
Lollipops Liner (FULL SIZE)  - 17.70
Vichy Cleanser - 2.91
Teeez Brush (FULL SIZE) - 23.50
Kueshi Toner (FULL SIZE) - 13.30
Total: 70.74$ USD

Monday, February 9, 2015

January 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag Unboxing

I've been contemplating unsubscribing from Ipsy for the past few months, but then they come out with a bag like this, and I stay for another month! So, obviously, I really like this month's bag. January's theme is Fresh Start.

I've heard mixed reviews about the bag for this month. My sister hates it. My mom is ok with it. I freaking love it!

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
I've actually been wanting to pick up this brush. I have one other liner brush is this style. Most of mine are angled. The bristles feel almost like silicone, so I'm really interested in seeing how this applies product.

J Cat Beauty Fantabulous Gel Eye Liner
I see what you did, there, Ipsy. Very clever, indeed. Why wouldn't I try out a new liner with my new brush?! I got an atypical shade. It's the color Blue Black. Usually Ipsy sends out liners in just black or dark brown, but I guess you can't always do the same thing.

Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in EtherealI've gotten a duo shadow from Pacifica in the past. It was alright. This color looks similar to one of the shades I already have. BUT it does look like it would make a gorgeous highlighter, so that's what I'll be using it for.

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion
Speaking of highlighters, this could make a pretty decent cream highlight for beginners. It give a really pretty pink sheen to the skin that isn't too intense. I wouldn't use it as a lotion except for in the summer, so I may pass this along.

Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream with Avocado & Argan
I definitely needed a new eye cream. Thanks Ipsy! I am almost out of the eye cream I use for the mornings, so to get this is such perfect timing. I do like that it's organic, but that's not super inportant to me as long as it does what it claims.

Price Summary:
RT Liner Brush (FULL SIZE!) - 5.99
J Cat Liner (FULL SIZE!) - 5.99
Pacifica Shadow - 4.67
MK Shimmer Lotion - 7.83
Nourish Eye Cream (FULL SIZE!) - 19.99
Total: 44.47$ USD

Kiss, Kiss.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Purge - My Lipstick Collection

I've watched so many decluttering videos on YouTube over the last few months, and it's made me realize that I might have a real problem. I'm not a beauty guru. I don't have an incredibly popular blog or Instagram, so why on earth do I have so much makeup!? I'm doing this to, not only get rid of things I'm not using, but also to make room for things I really want. I'm starting with my lipsticks. I thought that would be easiest, since I don't wear lipstick very often.

I have my lipsticks in 3 separate containers. I'll start with the smallest one. Out of the 7 lippies in this container, I could only part with 2. Those are the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple and the Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Exotic Orchid. Both of the colors of these are so pretty, but I just don't see myself wearing them.

My next container holds 12 lipsticks. These are my cheaper drugstore lippies. I have 8 Wet N Wild lipsticks. I'm getting rid of 3: 901B Think Pink, 545A Blushing Bali, and 516C Sunset Peach. I used to wear Blushing Bali all the time. I really love the color, but I'm just not a fan of the shimmer anymore. Think Pink washes me out, and Sunset Peach is just not right for my skintone.

The last 4 in that container are from Nicka K and Forever 21. I'm keeping the one from Forever 21 and the orange shade from Nicka K. The other two shades are much too light for more. They're 921 Pink Tint and 301 Lavender Tint.

The very last lipstick holder fits 24 lipsticks. I'll start with the Milanis. I have 3 and I know I'm keeping all of them. They're 12 Flamingo Pose, 17 Plumrose, and 29 Teddy Bare.

Next up, are my Maybelline lippies. These make up the most of my collection as I have 7 of the ColorSensationals and 4 of the Color Elixirs. I'm keeping all 4 Color Elixirs. The formula on these just can't be beat, and I truly love all 4 colors. And I'm not getting rid of any of the ColorSensationals either. I love them too much. I have so many of these for a reason.

I have 10 lipsticks left to go! Of the miscellaneous leftovers, I only got rid of 2: the NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Flamingo and the Starlooks Round Lipstick in BFF. (Super sorry this last swatch sucks so bad!)

Starting Number: 44
Ending Number: 35

I didn't get rid of too many, but I still got rid of more than I thought I would. I'm letting my sisters and best friend pick through them, and if they don't want them, I guess baby girl will be getting some new lipsticks!

Kiss, Kiss.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Beauty Box 5 Unboxing

Hey guys! Welcome back for another Beauty Box 5 Unboxing! This subscription has really grown on me. It's only 12$ per month, and you get 5 beauty related products each month. I like it because I get different brands from this subscription than I would get in my others. This month I'm gonna mix it up, and put the products in order from most excited about, to the least.

For January, the theme was HELLO!

UltraFlesh The Gold Standard Mascara in Blackout
I absolutely love trying out new mascaras. These samples are great to get, because I can use it enough times to tell if I love it or hate it. I can't stand getting a full size product that I don't like, so for products like mascara, getting a sample size is great!

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Sampler - Mimosa - Deep Cantaloupe - Bright Tangerine - Volcanic Blast
In the 2 years that I've been getting beauty subscriptions, this is the very first time I've ever gotten one of these shadow quads, and I'm super surprised. The colors I got are all very bright and vibrant. Two are matte, and the other two are shimmer. I can definitely see myself using the two matte shades to blend out my crease. I love warm shades in the crease. The other two shades would make for lovely lid colors.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 540 Stripe-Tease
I really enjoy doing my nails, but this is a product I've never tried. Before, I felt like these were "cheating" when it came to nail art, but now I see them as an easy way to step up a simple mani. The hot pink is bold and fun, and I really love stripes.

Softsoap Nutri-Serums Vitamin E Body Wash
I don't particularly like getting body washes in subscription services because of scent preferences, but I have tried out Softsoap's body washes before, and I do really like them. There isn't a scent name on the packaging or on the info card, but it has a light, refreshing floral scent to it.

Garnier Fructis Daily Care Fortifying Shampoo
Ok, beauty subscriptions... I'm tired of shampoo samples! I have a specific hair type, as a woman of color. I like Garnier products, but this is my second shampoo sample this month, and my third between this month and last.

Overall, this was an ok month for BB5. I'm not dying to try any of the products I got, but I don't absolutely hate any of them either. It's just a pretty neutral box. In case you're interested in getting your own BB5 subscription, here are my November and July boxes.

Price Summary:
Ultraflesh Mascara - 6.22
Coastal Scents Shadows - 1.04
Sally Hansen Nail Strips (FULL SIZE!) - 9.99
SoftSoap Body Wash - 0.91
Garnier Shampoo - 0.52
Total: 18.68

Kiss, Kiss.