Monday, November 17, 2014

Beauty Box 5 | November 2014

This is my 5th BB5 that I've gotten, and I have so say, this one is a little different. One of the items this month is a bit odd for a beauty box. If you didn't know, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that only costs 12$ per month. Each month you get 5 (hence the name) deluxe size samples or full size beauty products. Be sure to check out my July and October boxes to get a better feel for this subscription as a whole. If you'd like to subscribe using my referral link, feel free!

This month's theme is Gracefully Grounded. 

We also received a few random extras in this box. BB5 teamed up with Sparkles & Pop to give their subscribers a special 30% off coupon code to their site! expires 12/31/14 

Is it just me, or is everyone else completely lost as to why we got this? I get that we're supposed to be "grounded" this month, but... ok. I'll use them, and maybe they'll grow on me, but... ok. 

I will not complain about this! I love lotions. I love body butters. I have super dry skin all the time, and in the winter it just gets worse. So this will be going on my desk or on my bedside table. 

I don't really like getting things like this in my subscription services. I don't usually use them. It smells really good, though. I might actually try this one out, and if I don't, it'll be a random stocking stuffer. 

It's so pretty!!! This is such a gorgeous color for the holidays. I just recently started exploring nail polishes from the drugstore. I'n currently using one of LÓreal's base coats, and it's working well for me. So hopefully the formula on this is a good one. 

We've gotten  Hask item before, and I really enjoyed it. So much so that I bought the whole system. That was their Argon oil line, so I'm excited to try something from the Macadamia line. I really hope this is comparable to the Macadamia Naturals line that everyone is obsessed with. 

Price Summary:
DenTek Floss - .62$
Laura Ashley Body Butter - 3.33$
Dove Body Wash - .53$
LÓreal Polish (FULL SIZE) - 5.99$
Hask Oil (FULL SIZE) - 2.99$

Total: 13.46$ USD

Kiss, Kiss.

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