Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4 or More Makeup Tag: Milani Baked Blushes

I so love this beauty tag. It makes me look through my collection and take out things I haven't used in a while so I can fall back in love with them. Or give them to one of my sisters or girlfriends. Of my Milani blushes, I have 4. Three are shimmery, and one is matte.

05 Luminoso
Everybody, literally everybody, owns this blush. While it is really pretty, I don't usually wear it as a blush. I tend to ear it as a topper blush or as a highlight. It's just a tad too light and shimmery for me to wear as a proper blush.

08 Corallina
This is my baby! I wanted this blush for so long, and I was so happy when I finally bought it. It is gorgeous! I love orangey-coraly colors for my cheeks.

09 Red Vino
I love this blush so much for fall, especially on my sister who has darker skin than me. It just looks so beautiful. The wine and gold shimmer is so perfect for dark skinned girls.

11 Bella Rosa
This is one of the 2 matte blushes Milani recently released. If you thought the pigmentation was good on the shimmer blushes, wait until you try this bad boy!

Kiss. Kiss.

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