Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Purge - My Lipstick Collection

I've watched so many decluttering videos on YouTube over the last few months, and it's made me realize that I might have a real problem. I'm not a beauty guru. I don't have an incredibly popular blog or Instagram, so why on earth do I have so much makeup!? I'm doing this to, not only get rid of things I'm not using, but also to make room for things I really want. I'm starting with my lipsticks. I thought that would be easiest, since I don't wear lipstick very often.

I have my lipsticks in 3 separate containers. I'll start with the smallest one. Out of the 7 lippies in this container, I could only part with 2. Those are the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple and the Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Exotic Orchid. Both of the colors of these are so pretty, but I just don't see myself wearing them.

My next container holds 12 lipsticks. These are my cheaper drugstore lippies. I have 8 Wet N Wild lipsticks. I'm getting rid of 3: 901B Think Pink, 545A Blushing Bali, and 516C Sunset Peach. I used to wear Blushing Bali all the time. I really love the color, but I'm just not a fan of the shimmer anymore. Think Pink washes me out, and Sunset Peach is just not right for my skintone.

The last 4 in that container are from Nicka K and Forever 21. I'm keeping the one from Forever 21 and the orange shade from Nicka K. The other two shades are much too light for more. They're 921 Pink Tint and 301 Lavender Tint.

The very last lipstick holder fits 24 lipsticks. I'll start with the Milanis. I have 3 and I know I'm keeping all of them. They're 12 Flamingo Pose, 17 Plumrose, and 29 Teddy Bare.

Next up, are my Maybelline lippies. These make up the most of my collection as I have 7 of the ColorSensationals and 4 of the Color Elixirs. I'm keeping all 4 Color Elixirs. The formula on these just can't be beat, and I truly love all 4 colors. And I'm not getting rid of any of the ColorSensationals either. I love them too much. I have so many of these for a reason.

I have 10 lipsticks left to go! Of the miscellaneous leftovers, I only got rid of 2: the NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Flamingo and the Starlooks Round Lipstick in BFF. (Super sorry this last swatch sucks so bad!)

Starting Number: 44
Ending Number: 35

I didn't get rid of too many, but I still got rid of more than I thought I would. I'm letting my sisters and best friend pick through them, and if they don't want them, I guess baby girl will be getting some new lipsticks!

Kiss, Kiss.

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