Friday, March 21, 2014

Starbox Loyalty Rewards Part 2

And I'm finally getting around to posting Part 2 of my Starlooks Loyalty Rewards purchase! As you saw in Part 1, I got the July 2013 Starbox. Well, for the second part, I got the November 2013 Starbox! Like I said in my previous post, when you subscribe to Starbox and get your box 3 months in a row, you qualify for a 35$ Loyalty Reward. If you'd like to subscribe to Starbox, I would really appreciate it if you used my referral link.

The November Box came with 3 full size products and the little bonus product that we always get.

First, I saw the brush! I love getting brushes in subscription boxes. They're usually really high quality, too. The brush that came in this box is their Slanted Liner 824 brush. The bristles are nice and dense, but still really soft. On their site, this brush retails for 18$.

Next thing I pulled out was the smaller box. It contained another eyeliner! This time the shade is Orion. It's a gorgeous bold blue with a tiny bit of shimmer. Their liners retail for 13$.

Last in this box, was another thing I've been lusting after. I got another 5 Shadow Palette! This time I got it in the color Monaco. This palette has some really gorgeous shadows in it. The ones I'm most excited about are the matte dark blue and the matte bright orange. These go for 41$.

I should be getting my March Starbox sometime soon, so come back and see what's in it!

Kiss, Kiss.

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