Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Splash of Color: Blue Makeup Products

Welcome back to my blog! This is something new from me, so bear with me for a bit. I saw one of my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube, EmilyNoel83, do a video like this and I thought to myself, "self, that would make an excellent blog post!" She called hers "Color Lovers". I will, obviously, be calling mine "Splash of Color". So basically I'll be going through my collection and show you the fun things I have that fall under that color. Today's color is blue!

The easiest way to incorporate blue into you makeup is with eyeliner. I have a few different blue liners in all different formats.

Wet N Wild ColorIcon Brow & Eyeliner in 654B Sky Blue
This liner is a pencil liner and is such a pretty shade of light blue. When I wear this, I use it on my lower lash line for a pop of color with a really neutral shadow look.

Hard Candy Top Ten Shadow Collection in Feelin' Blue?
I love this palette. It is so pretty and the colors are pretty pigmented. They do have a bit of fallout, but they are so freaking pretty. I put them in a haul from forever ago, and if you wanted to see it, just click here.

elf Studio Cream Eyeliner in Midnight
I absolutely love elf's cream liner. It goes on really nicely, although you do have to put it on a little thicker than other liners, but it does come with a liner brush, and it's only $1!

elf Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Midnight/Blue
This double ended shadow stick is pretty awesome. You could do a really neutral eye look with a pop of color by using this liner and pretty bronze shadow. Just use the thicker side to fill in the outer corner of your eye, the thinner side to smudge along the lower lash line, and the bronze shadow to fill in the rest of the lid space.

elf Essential Liquid Liner in Midnight
I cannot get enough elf liquid liners. These were probably the first eye liner I ever used, and I continue to use them because they're cheap and easy to use. This deep blue liner is so great for people just branching out into colored makeup.

Studio M Baked Eyeshadow Quad in Blue
I couldn't find this on Meijer's website, but they do have their own line of makeup. These shadows are so great! You get a highlight color, a black, and 2 gorgeous blues. You could make a complete eye shadow look with this quad and a warm matte brown.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little segment. I enjoyed going through my collection to see what I have in the way of colorful makeup. I'll definitely be doing another post like this later. Just leave me a comment below, or on Instagram, with suggestions for the next color! Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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