Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Purge - My Blush Collection

I went through a phase where I was completely obsessed with blushes, and now I have a ton. I'm not actually sure how many of these I'm gonna be able to get rid of, because basically all of them are different. I have 4 drawers of blushes in my little storage containers.

Starting with the first drawer, I have 11 of varying brands and formats. Out of these 11, I'm keeping 8 of them. The 3 that I'm getting rid of are 834 Berry Shimmer from Wet N Wild, Glossy Rosewood from Kryolan, and Luminoso from Milani. I really love all 3 of these and I'm getting rid of them for different reasons. The WNW, because I have another of them, the Kryolan because it arrived broken, and the Milani because it's just so light on me.

My second drawer contains 9 blushers. I cant being myself to get rid of any of these! Swatching these, I almost booted out Pinched from Sheercover and Melon from City Color, but they both look a billion times better applied with a brush, so I couldn't do it.

Drawer number 3 has all my boxed blushes, of which there are 6. I'm not letting go of any of these either lol. I just can't do it. I thought about getting rid of Skinny Dipping from Hard Candy, but the shades in that box are just too pretty. I'll have to make an effort to use that one more often.

The very last drawer only has 2 products in it: my blush/bronzer duos. I know for a fact that I'm keeping the elf one in St. Lucia. The Wet N Wild one, I will be letting go of. I like the bronzer portion because it's matte, and makes for a good transition color on the lid, but the blush isn't worth a thing.

Starting Number:28
Ending Number: 24

I'm only down 4 blushes, but progress is progress for me! Hopefully I can at least hit pan on a few of these and make keeping them worth my while.

Kiss, Kiss.

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