Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Beauty Box 5 Unboxing

Hey guys! Welcome back for another Beauty Box 5 Unboxing! This subscription has really grown on me. It's only 12$ per month, and you get 5 beauty related products each month. I like it because I get different brands from this subscription than I would get in my others. This month I'm gonna mix it up, and put the products in order from most excited about, to the least.

For January, the theme was HELLO!

UltraFlesh The Gold Standard Mascara in Blackout
I absolutely love trying out new mascaras. These samples are great to get, because I can use it enough times to tell if I love it or hate it. I can't stand getting a full size product that I don't like, so for products like mascara, getting a sample size is great!

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Sampler - Mimosa - Deep Cantaloupe - Bright Tangerine - Volcanic Blast
In the 2 years that I've been getting beauty subscriptions, this is the very first time I've ever gotten one of these shadow quads, and I'm super surprised. The colors I got are all very bright and vibrant. Two are matte, and the other two are shimmer. I can definitely see myself using the two matte shades to blend out my crease. I love warm shades in the crease. The other two shades would make for lovely lid colors.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 540 Stripe-Tease
I really enjoy doing my nails, but this is a product I've never tried. Before, I felt like these were "cheating" when it came to nail art, but now I see them as an easy way to step up a simple mani. The hot pink is bold and fun, and I really love stripes.

Softsoap Nutri-Serums Vitamin E Body Wash
I don't particularly like getting body washes in subscription services because of scent preferences, but I have tried out Softsoap's body washes before, and I do really like them. There isn't a scent name on the packaging or on the info card, but it has a light, refreshing floral scent to it.

Garnier Fructis Daily Care Fortifying Shampoo
Ok, beauty subscriptions... I'm tired of shampoo samples! I have a specific hair type, as a woman of color. I like Garnier products, but this is my second shampoo sample this month, and my third between this month and last.

Overall, this was an ok month for BB5. I'm not dying to try any of the products I got, but I don't absolutely hate any of them either. It's just a pretty neutral box. In case you're interested in getting your own BB5 subscription, here are my November and July boxes.

Price Summary:
Ultraflesh Mascara - 6.22
Coastal Scents Shadows - 1.04
Sally Hansen Nail Strips (FULL SIZE!) - 9.99
SoftSoap Body Wash - 0.91
Garnier Shampoo - 0.52
Total: 18.68

Kiss, Kiss.

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