Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Translucent Finishing Powder Review and Comparison

Hey lovelies^-^ Welcome back to the blog. I wanna tell you guys about some new items from Hard Candy that I ran across at Walmart recently that I've been completely loving. I've got two products to tell you guys about. I'll be talking about them in two separate posts that will be published within a few days of each other. So keep an eye out for that! It will be up on Friday.

The Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Translucent Finishing Powder retails for just 6$! I picked this up, initially, because I've been on the hunt for some new powders to try out since it's oppressively hot and humid this summer. The packaging for this had a big ole "NEW" slapped across the top of it, and it had "oil control" on it, so I said YES!

You get .32 oz of product, which is less than my Rimmel Stay Matte that I wanted to compare it to. The Stay Matte has .49 oz of powder. In the pan, the Hard Candy powder is white and has a really silky feel to it. Once blended in, you can't even tell the powder was white to begin with. It leaves no sort of cast behind. You skin feels super soft to the touch once applied.

The Rimmel powder, on the other hand, has a more beige/yellow tone to is. I have to use a very light application with this product, because, unlike the one from Hard Candy, this one leaves a white cast if you apply it too generously. I find that if I use it like I the Fast & Fabulous powder, I look ashy. My skin does feel just as soft with this powder, though.

As far as how well it sets my makeup, how it mattifies, and how long it lasts, I greatly prefer my Hard Candy Powder. I was expecting to be completely wowed by the Stay Matte, but I just find it hard to use. I like what it does for my oily/combo skin, but I don't like how touchy of a powder it is. I can only use this on days where I have a little bit more time to dedicate to my makeup. With the Hard Candy powder, I can just dust it all over without even looking and leave without having to worry about if I look crazy or not. Both of them last about the same amount of time on their own.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this review was helpful for all of you. Remember to come back on Friday for a review on the setting spray.

Kiss, Kiss.

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  1. Wow, I just bought the Hard Candy Fast and Fabulous finishing powder and I'm glad I got that one instead of the Rimmel Stay Matte! Also, question: Is setting powder still necessary if you use the finishing powder? The label says that it also sets your makeup so I was wondering about that. Thanks!!