Sunday, July 5, 2015

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints Swatches and Review

I wore these for these first time for my second Friday Night Face installment. I just picked a more neutral looking color to go with my rosy eyeshadow look, which ended up being Blushing. As a first impression, that color is not at all the same as the color of the tube. Even so, it was incredibly pigmented.

I had seen a lot of people apply these with a lip brush, so that's exactly what I did. I squeezed some onto the back of my hand, and applied it to my lips over a lip liner. I ended up with so much extra product that I let it set and added another layer. I still had product left over after that second coat.

The finish that these give is absolutely beautiful. It's such a high shine finish. I'm not sure why I wasn't expecting that since the name is Glazed. They set to a sort of satin/gloss finish.

As far as wear time goes, these definitely stay put. I applied Blushing around 1530 and went to work. I didn't get back home until almost 2200. There was still color on my lips. The glossy finish was gone, but it looked like it left a sort of stain.

It wore really evenly, too. While I was at work, I had snacked and had something to drink, and the color only transferred slightly. It didn't leave any sort of strange wear pattern on my lips. It didn't sink into my lips lines, either. These do leave a slight stain, some more than others.

Some of these colors are definitely not everyday colors for me, but I genuinely love these. I initially bought the original 6 shades, and since first trying them, I purchased the second 6 that were released and am debating on purchasing the last 6 to complete my collection. If you like a comfortable, pigmented, long wearing gloss, these are definitely the thing to buy. You can't beat the quality on these, and they're so incredibly inexpensive.

Kiss, Kiss.

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