Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Purge: The Last of the Eyeshadow Palettes

We're finally on the last my my eyeshadow palettes! Hooray!!! This will be a mix of higher end palettes and internet based brands. After this, we move on to another section of my makeup collection. Just to throw this out there before we jump in, I have to say that I'm like 99% sure I'm keeping all of these. I'm an addict. What can I say?

Let's get the three smaller palettes I have out of the way. Those would be Bora Bora from Be A Bombshell, the Coloyr Surge Eye Shadow Quad from Clinique, and the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette from Julep. Out of these 3, if you don't have the Julep palette, you need it! The shadows are so super soft and pigmented. Julep did these shadows right.

Next up are my palettes from BH Cosmetics. I recently reviewed the Wild & Free and Wild at Heart, and Galaxy Chic palettes, so I won't be doing swatches of those, but I know I'm keeping them. As for the others, I have all three of the California Collection palettes and the That's Heart palette. San Fransicso is the most neutral of the California palettes. Malibu is more bright and tropical themed, while Hollywood is a bold and glamourous palette. The palette from That's Heart has a mix of bright and neutral shades.

The next 4 palettes are 5 or 6 pan palettes. I have 3 from Starlooks: Monaco, Tokyo, and St. Tropez. The fourth is from Makeover Essentials. Starlooks has amazing quality eyeshadows. I love these shades. I use them quite frequently. After swatching the ME palette, I decided to toss it. The shades just don't inspire me.

I have two 15 pan palettes from Starlook in addition to the previous two. One is in New Year's Eve 2014 and the other is Mermaid. I adore both of these. Just like the 5 pan palettes, these have a great texture and great color payoff.

We all know how obsessed I am with the Revealed 2 palette from Coastal Scents. We all know I cannot toss this palette if I was payed to, and if I did, I would just use the money to buy another. To see swatches of this, just click here. I'm also keeping my Meet Matte Palette from The Balm. Swatches of that can be found here.

My last 2 palettes are Balm Voyage, also from The Balm, and the Drama Palette by Profusion. I really enjoy using the Balm Voyage palette. It has so beautiful shades in it, and the mattes are amazing. The Drama palette is nice, but it just doesn't speak to me, so I'll be giving it away.

Starting Number: 21
Ending Number: 19

I actually got rid of 2 palettes! I'm super surprised! I guess I don't know myself as well as I thought I did. Go figure! Stay tuned for more makeup declutters coming soon.

Kiss, Kiss.

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