Wednesday, July 22, 2015

elf Studio Contouring Brush Review

I'm sure you've seen the elf Studio Contouring Brush all over YouTube, Instagram, and the rest of the beauty world. It's a newer product from elf that changes the game for all of us budget beauties. I hauled it last month. The elf website describes this brush as "specifically designed for advanced makeup application to help achieve professional looks". 

The cost of this brush is only 6$! It is currently only available on the elf website, but I'm sure you'll see them popping up at Targets some time soon as the line expands. 


I use this for a cream contour, so the only things I've used it with are a few different concealers. The synthetic bristles are really densely packed and do an amazing job of evenly blending out the product without a lot of work or a streaky finish. It's actually really easy to overblend with this brush, so instead of a really heavy handed blending approach, I like to use short, quick strokes to blend. 


This brush comes with a black handle and ferrule, just like the rest of the Studio line. Like I said before, it has synthetic fibers for use with cream and liquid products. It's shaped perfectly to get underneath the cheekbones and hit the perimeters of the face. 


price - ease of use - soft bristles - good design 


hard to clean - frequently out of stock



If you're looking for a really great brush for basic contouring, this is definitely the brush you should get. It's incredibly amazing, regardless of the price.

Kiss, Kiss.


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