Monday, July 20, 2015

The Purge: Cream Shadows and Bases

Welcome back, guys! Today we are going to go through my all my eyeshadow bases and cream eyeshadows. I don't own a ton of these, but lately I've been getting into using these along with a primer because I love the color payoff. I have some in pencil form, pot form, and ones with a wand. Let's jump in!

The first three are my only ones that have with doe foot applicators. They are Divine Wine from BareMinerals, and Spiced Rum & Violette from Tini Beauty. What I like about Divine Wine is that it dries matte. It could easily be used in a 2 shadow look with some liner. You just have to work with it quicker than the other two because it will set. Spiced Rum & Violette have a weird smell. I used to really like both of these, but the purple just isn't something I see myself using any time soon.

Four of my bases are in stick or pencil form. I have one that I recently hauled from City Color. It's their Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade White. It's nothing like the one from NYX. This one is sheer and shimmery. I don't like using this as a shadow base, but as any sort of highlight, this is gorgeous. Next is the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter. Obviously, I don't use this as a brow highlight. It's too stark against my skin, but it does a great job as a shadow base because it's such a light color. My newest is from TrèStique. It's in the color Venetian Gold. I got it in my June Ipsy bag. It's super pretty, and I love the shade. The last is the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick frim elf in Midnight Blue. I enjoy using this in darker looks especially in the outter corner or under the lash line.

Moving into the potted bases, I want to get through all of the random ones that I got in a set for Christmas one year. I had never heard of the brand before, and I can't remember it now, but I have 6 of them. I have a silver, light gold, copper, aqua, navy, and a plum. Out of these, the only one that doesn't wow me is the navy. I really like the others as long as they are under a shadow.

These last 5 are all different products. The first is the Duo Eye Shadow Cream from elf in the shade Butter Pecan. I like both colors, even though they have completely different textures. Also from elf, is the Smudge Pot in Brownie Points. I hauled this earlier this year, and I adore the texture and pigmentation. I don't know why I haven't bought more of these. From City Color. It's their White Gold Mousse Eyeshadow and it's so pretty!!! I love this as an inner corner highlight. From Starlooks, I have their cream shadow in Hologram. Unfortunately, they don't carry these anymore, but this is stunning, nonetheless. Lastly, from Origins, is their GinZing Eye Brightening Cream Shadow in Sugar Peach. It's a very light peach shade. You have to build it up quite a bit to get the peach to show, but it's a beautiful cream shadow.

Starting Number: 18
Ending Number: 15 (technically)

I'm actually giving 2 away to find a new home where they will be loved and used, but the third I just moved to another part of my collection to be repurposed. That's all for today! Come back to see the last few installments of The Purge.

Kiss, Kiss.

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