Friday, April 10, 2015

elf Makeup Lock & Seal, Eyebrow Kit, Cream Eyeliner and More!

I've got a few random bits of elf products to share with you guys, today. These are pretty much just bits and pieces of lovely beauty things that wouldn't fit into the other posts. I guess they're all eye products, but let's jump in!

I already have a few of these Cream Eyeliner. They're the first potted liners I ever used. Do you see a trend with elf products? lol They do a decent job as eyeliner, especially for beginners. I've been using them lately as cream shadow bases. This shade I wanted to compare to the next item I'll be talking about. I got the shade Copper. It's a pretty deep chocolate color with gold shimmer in it. It's a lovely color and a lovely consistency.

What I wanted to compare the liner to was the Smudge Pot in Brownie Points. They looked similar on the website, and I was just super curious about if the texture and finish would be different. I like the physical packaging on the Smudge Pots better, but I like the outter packaging on the Cream Eyeliners. The plastic makes it hard to get into. Either way, this color is super pretty. It's a bit lighter and warmer than Copper.

Next up is the Eyebrow Kit. I have always wondered about this. I know Shaaanxo from YouTube used to use this, and it always looked really great on her. I've found that this gives me a really nice natural looking brow. I'll end up using it for days with lighter makeup. I got the shade Medium. I probably should have gotten the next shade darker, because I use more product that I think I should to get the desired result. Other than the color fail, it's a good product.

Also for the eyes, I got one of their Single Eyeshadows in Coffee Bean. The quality of this is really good. There's minimal fallout even though it kicks up a bit of product in the pan. It has some shimmer to it, but its a very small amount. I used it as my crease shade a few days ago, and it worked just fine. It comes off as more of a satin. I have a few more colors from this range that I want to pick up in the future.

Last is the Makeup Lock & Seal kit. This has been on my list of things to buy for the longest time. I just never got around to buying it. I have some loose pigments and shadows that I want to try out with this to see how well they hold onto the lid. I still haven't tested this out yet, but rest assured that I will soon.

That's all for today. Check back for the last little bit of elf products from this order. Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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