Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Purge: Concealers and Correctors

I totally used to be a concealer junkie. I was totally obsessed with highlighting and contouring with them, totally obsessed with trying different kinds, totally obsessed with hiding my dark circles. Now I only really use concealer for light highlighting. I literally bout like 6 in a day once. I'm not proud of that.

Starting with one of the oldest things I have in my collection is the Concealer & Corrector palette in Dark by BH Cosmetics. I remember buying this as being crazy excited to use it, and then... never did! I swatched them, and that was it. At the time, I could have really used the salmon corrector. Now my undereye area isn't nearly as dark. I have to put this on my desktop so that I see it to use it.

Everyone under the makeup world sun has tried out the LA Girl Pro Conceals. Naturally, I had to try them. And they're freaking amazeballs! They blend effortlessly, has such a high coverage, and are so stinking cheap. I absolutely love these. They're great for the everyday user, as well as the makeup artist.

On to the mineral concealers. I have 2 Duo Concealers from Sheer Cover and a Mineral Concealer from elf. I have already gone through 2 of the smaller Duo Concealers, and just opened the larger of the two that I have. The larger is in the shade Medium/Tan, and the smaller is Tan/Dark. I like mixing the two from the larger when I want a more intense highlight. For normal days, I just use the Tan shade. The elf concealer is way too dark for me. I bought the darkest shade without really looking at the others. I'll be giving this to my sister.

I've been a huge fan of Black Radiance products since I first discovered their blushes. I have 4 of their Stick Concealers in 3 different colors. 8001 would be a great shade to highlight with if it wasn't so dry. I'm tossing that one. 8002 is a really nice medium shade. It's too dark for me for spot concealing, but as a light contour or bronzer, it's great. 8003 is the one that I have 2 of. My sister bought it to spot conceal and it was too dark. I like mine for a really defined contour, so now I have 2.

So these last 3 are a total mish-mash of brands and formats. I've got the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 30, the CoverGirl + Olay Concealer in 360, and the Shany Cosmetics lipstick in 01. The Fit Me line is one of my favorites. I'm almost finished with this concealer and I know I'll repurchase it in the future. As for the CG+Olay, it has to go. It's too olive toned for me and makes me look sick when I use it. I keep the Shany lipstick for color correcting.

Starting Number: 13
Ending Number: 10

I didn't get rid of many of my concealers, but I use each of them in different ways for different things. Thanks for being here for another declutter. Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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