Sunday, April 19, 2015

Five Below and Dollar Tree Beauty Haul

Y'all know I love me a good bargain. Five Below kills it when it comes to great makeup for super cheap. Most brands they carry are smaller internet brands or the cheaper drugstore brands. Dollar Tree carries discontinued drugstore brands. Either way, the stuff you find is always awesome. This is a pretty uneventful haul. I just got a lot of the same thing from different brands or in different formats.

Five Below carries AcneFree, a skincare system designed to combat acne. I picked up the 24 Hour Acne Clearing System. It has the same format as the Proactiv system. There's the Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, the Renewing Toner with witch hazel, and the Repair Lotion with 3.7% bpo. This is the normal version.

I also picked up the 24 Hour Severe Acne Clearing System. It has more medicine and a 4th step. Step 1 is the Anti-Acne Cleansing wash with 2.5% bpo. Step 2 is the Corrective Toner with witch hazel. The third step is the Maximum Strength Repair lotion with 10% bpo, and the final step is the Retinol Complex.

Also from AcneFree, I got the Terminator. It's a spot treatment with 2.5% bpo. I ran out of the spot treatment that I had from Proactiv, and if this works, I'll stick with it because it's way cheaper. I've been getting a ton of random breakouts lately.

I only got 2 makeup items for this haul, both from City Color Cosmetics. I got the Mineral Powder in the shade Mocha to Mahogany. It looks like it might be a powder foundation or a setting powder. It even comes with a little powder puff for touch ups. The color match is really great! The second product I got was the Eyebrow Gel. I haven't been using my elf Brow Gel, mainly because it doesn't hold super well. I'm hoping this one does.

So I kinda went overboard with the lip balms. The Blistex Orange Mango Blast caught my eye, first. I used to use the original Blistex in high school. I still suffer from really dry lips. This was great. And then I saw the 4 pack of Blistex Fruit Smoothies. Peaches & Cream, Melon Medley, Berry Explosion, and Triple Tropical are the scents that come in the pack. And then I saw the 2 pack of Baby Lips! The two colors are Quenched and Peach Kiss. I already own a billion lip balms, but I keep one in my car, one in my boyfriend's car, and one on my bathroom sink.

At one of my local Dollar Tree stores, I found some Essie Sleek Stick lacquer stickers. I got 4 different designs: Love to Love You, Embrace the Lace, Steel the Show, and Stickers and Stones. I won't be  using them on their own, but as accent nails for really simple nail art designs.

That's it for my affordable makeup haul! Hope to see you again soon.

Kiss, Kiss.

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