Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Purge: Foundations & BB Creams

I don't wanna do this one! I have a slight obsession with face products, and foundations are some of my favorite. I have a problem, and I'm not willing to fix it. I'm just not, but I will go through my foundations and see what I have and use on a regular basis.

Starting with my oldest liquid foundation, I have the original Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 320 Honey Beige. I've had this for like 2 years. I know. That's way too long to keep an open foundation, but it doesn't smell weird or make me breakout. I love the finish, and it's almost gone, so I'm keeping it until I finish it. This shade is discontinued.

My very first foundation is dead and gone, but I have 2 backups haha. The formula was also discontinued, but I stocked up on the last few before they were sold out. It's the Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation in Mocha. It's got medium to full coverage, and it's really great for beginners. I have a 1.5g container open and a full 4g container. Definitely keeping these.

While we're on mineral foundation, I also have a 1.5g container of the Sheer Cover Mineral foundation in Almond. I used to use it to highlight and set my undereye concealer. I haven't touched it in about a year. I'll pass it along.

From elf, I have Mineral Foundation in Deep. I swatched this when I first got it, and it's incredibly dark. I know I should offer it up to one of my sisters, but my makeup addicted brain is telling me to try using it as a bronzer/contour. It should blend fairly easily since it's a powder foundation. We shall see.

I have 3 powder foundations from Mary Kay in Beige 2, Bronze 1, & Bronze 3. Beige 2 is actually perfect for setting a highlight. Bronze 1 is a great shade for me in the winter, and Bronze 3 is a great shade for me in the summer. I'm keeping all 3, but I'll be moving Beige 2 to my powder drawer.

Moving on to my BB creams, the original of the bunch is the Julep DD Créme. It came in 4 shades, and I got the darkest thinking that would work for me. Nope. I should have gone one shade lighter. I kept it because my sisters would use it, but I rarely do their makeup nowadays. It's going.

I have both the Maybelline Dream Fresh and Dream Pure BBs. I originally bought the Dream Fresh. It is incredibly dewy. I don't wear it often, and when I do, It's usually under a powder foundation. The color is pretty great for me, though. I'll keep it for the summer, and if I still haven't used it by fall, I'll toss it. As for the Dream Pure, I like it a lot better. It has salicylic acid in it to help keep you from being too oily. I'm for sure keeping this one.

The Proactiv BB Cream, I also have. This is amazing under a powder foundation or even as a primer if you need some extra moisture. There's a ton of product in this still, and I knew I was keeping it before starting this. I was just waiting until spring to break it out.

My last BB cream is from elf. This is a recent purchase of mine, and I'm still deciding if I like it. I love the packaging and the fact that it comes with a pump. I'm actually wearing it today. So far I like it.

I have 3 cream foundations, and they're all from different brands. From Covergirl is the Clean Whipped Creme in 365. I hate this. I've been trying to figure out since I got it how to make it work. It just doesn't. There is barely any coverage, and it isn't at all buildable. It's gone. From Revlon, I have the Colorstay Whipped in 340 Caramel. I love this foundation! It's medium to full coverage, it has a satin finish, and it stays put! My last is the Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline. I have it in the shade Dark 2. It's a great color match for me, and it is definitely matte. I can't use this in the colder months, because it clings to dry patches, so I imagine in the warmer months it will be amazing.

Two foundations that I know I'm not keeping are the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous in 865. I really like the formula, but the undertone is too olive for me. I've found that all the face products from Covergirl are really olive toned. I picked up one of the shades from the Queen collection to try. I'll show you in an upcoming haul post. I think my sister gave me this Black Radiance foundation because it was too red for her, but she's quite a bit darker than me so I can't use it. It's in the shade 8415 Cocoa Bean.

I have 2 more elf face products. The first is the Acne Fighting Foundation. I've worn this a few times and I really like it. It has a satin/matte finish. I have the color Coffee. The other is the Flawless Finish Foundation. I still haven't gotten to test this out on my face yet. So obviously I'm keeping it.

My next 2 are from Revlon. They make my favorite foundations for oily skinned gals. I've got the Nearly Naked in 290 Cappuccino. It has medium coverage, but it looks really natural. I've also got Photoready in 011 Cappuccino. I really like that Revlon keeps their shade names consistent across their foundations. Both of these are summer shades for me.

The last 2 foundations I have are from BH Cosmetics and L'Oréal. My BH shade is Mocha. I guessed so well when I bought this. It's super cheap, but it's really good. It comes with a pump, but mine broke. Unsurprisingly, the shade 330 Classic Tan is no longer available in the Magic Nude line. I do really love the formula of this. Once again, I use this in the summer because my skin is more combination in the winter.

Starting Number: 24
Ending Number: 19

I had planned to toss 2 more, but one I found another use for and the other I just forgot how much I like it. Either way, I did lose 5 whole foundations, so I'm happy with that. I've only got a few more post left in the Purge series. Make sure you come back to see what's next!

Kiss, Kiss.

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