Saturday, April 4, 2015

elf Lip Products: Moisturizing Lipsticks, Mineral Lipsticks, and Lip Balm Tint

One thing I don't own much of from elf is their lippies. So I purchased a few. I might also be a lippie addict, so I couldn't help myself lol. I have 5 products to show you: 2 Moisturizing Lipsticks, 2 Mineral Lipsticks, and 1 Lip Balm Tint.

Coral Cutie and Flirty & Fabulous are the two shades I got in the Moisturizing line. Packaging is basic and sleek just like the rest of elf's products. The bullet is matte black with a gloss black center. The lipstick, itself, has a slight vanilla scent to it. There are 13 shades in the line. These feel really great. They apply smoothly, and leave a nice shine to the lips. Coral Cutie is a bright peachy coral, while Flirty & Fabulous is a bold magenta.

From the Mineral Lipstick collection, I purchased the shades Barely Bitten and Runway Pink. The packaging on this is the same length as the Moisturizing Lipsticks, but a tiny bit wider. The entirety of the packaging is matte black with the exception of the very top. This line has a definite mineral smell to it. It isn't unpleasant, though. There are 13 shades in this line, as well. Unlike the Moisturizing Lipsticks, these leave more of a satin finish. Barely Bitten is a pinkish red, and Runway Pink is a warm pink nude.

Lastly, I bought one more Lip Balm Tint. I already have Nude, Berry, and Grapefruit, so naturally I got Peach! I really love the formula of these. They feel fantastic on the lips, and, just like the name says, they have a tint! A good bit of tint, too. Packaging on these is really simple: a clear pot with a white lid. I'm still missing 2 shades from the line. You'd better believe I'm getting them.

I hope you're enjoying my elf installments. Make sure you come back for the rest. Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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