Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Purge: Eyeshadow Palettes - Random Drugstore

Ok! Let's get back at this! This is part 2 of my eyeshadow palette declutter, and I anticipate on there being another 2 parts. I used to be utterly obsessed with eyeshadow. That was the only thing I would wear in jr/sr high school. So since Wet N Wild took up such a huge post, I thought I should just segment the rest into smaller sections. At least, not do the rest all at once.

From NYX, I have one single trio from the Love in Rio collection called Amazonian Babes. It looks like I've only used this trio once. And by "used", I mean one shadow. It looks like I might have swatched the other two. The shadows swatch nicely, and they're definitely colors I would use, so I'll keep it. 

I have 2 Pop Beauty Trios: one in Naturally Bare, the other in Smokin Hot. Both of these have really great color payoff and a great texture, but the only shade from Smokin Hot that I gravitate towards is the silver one. The other two I can do without, so I'll be getting rid of that one and keeping the other. 

I have 2 small palettes from elf. I already know I love them both and won't be getting rid of either. The smaller is from a Halloween collection a few years back. It's the Ursula palette. The colors are super pretty and the mattes do pretty well for only costing a few bucks. The larger one is a complete face in a book. The eyeshadows are super buttery and pigmented. 

I've got these 2 baked quads from the Meijer house brand Studio M. One is purple, and the other is blue. These are such great eyeshadows! I think when I bought these they were on clearance for like 2$ a piece. It was money well spent. 

My two Maybelline palettes are called Coral Oasis and Twilight Rays. Coral Oasis is from the Eye Studio line. Every one of these I've seen is beautiful and has excellent pigmentation. These come in so many different color combinations. I need to buy more. The other, though, is super old and gross and busted. I only kept it for the deep blue, but I'll be tossing it now. 

The last 3 palettes are all from different brands. The first is from Covergirl. I bought this ages ago and completely forgot I had it. The shadows are all gorgeous and swatch really well. I need to do a look with this really soon. The orange is calling my name! Part of the reason I could get rid of the Maybelline palette with the pretty blue is because I have a completely blue palette from Hard Candy called Feelin Blue? that has some amazing pigmentation and a wide variety of blue shadows. The last is from City Color. This was why I hopped on the products so hard. These shadows have a great texture, are super cheap, and are gorgeous on the eyes. 

Starting Number: 12
Ending Number: 10

Thank you guys for checking out my blog and supporting me. Make sure you see the first part of my eyeshadow declutter here. Stay tuned for the next Purge.

Kiss, Kiss.

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