Thursday, March 26, 2015

elf Custom Compact and Custom Eyeshadow Swatches & Review

I placed an elf order for a billion and one things, and I couldn't possibly haul them all in one post, so I thought I would break it up into several blog posts. Hope you don't mind. I've never tried out the individual shadows from elf. I have one of their larger palettes and a few of their shadow quads and mid sized shadow palettes. Great things have been said about these, and so I had to buy a few. Both the shadow compact and the shadows, themselves, are 1$ each.

The Custom Compact is about 3in x 3in. It fits 4 shadows, has a really good sized mirror, a latch closure, and a little slot for a sponge-tipped applicator. It feels fairly sturdy. I got it so I wouldn't have single shadow pans floating around my drawer.

I only purchased 4 Custom Eyeshadows. (So I could fill the compact, of course.) The shades I got were Sage, Moondust, Peach Fizz, and Taupe. All of these are shimmers. None of the elf Custom Eyeshadows are matte/satin. These all have a great texture and great pigmentation. I hope elf releases more shades.

Kiss, Kiss.

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