Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag Unboxing

I knew I shouldn't have peeked at what I got in my Glam Bag this month. I like having a surprise, but checking the site is too much a of a temptation for me. I'll tell you now that I wasn't too impressed with Ipsy this month. (And then I swatched the stuff, and I changed my mind lol.)


This bag is truly one of the cutest bags we've gotten in such a long time. It's feminine without being too girly. I pretty much love it. +1

You could have gotten one of three shades: Hunk, Little Susie, or Pops. I got Pops! This is actually the shade I wanted, too. Go figure! I don't own any other Butter Lipsticks, but the NYX lippies that I do own, I love. They all wear really well and are so comfortable on the lips. +1

Everything I've ever gotten from this brand I've liked. My skin always feels nice and hydrated afterwards, I've never had an allergic reaction, and the products always smell good. I like that this actually has a makeup remover built in. I have another cleanser that I'm using that is similar. It's great for getting off any excess after a cleansing wipe. +1

It's been a while since I got a nail polish in my Ipsy bag. I'm glad it was a brand of polish that I don't own. I tried a Milani polish before, but it was in their old formulation and packaging. The packaging on this is stupid cute. I like that there's a color swatch on top of the bottle. I've never seen that before. I got the color Doll Face. The other option was Peri-Wink. +1

I did not think I would like this. The other At Play products I've tried haven't been super impressive. I liked the concept of them and the colors, but they just didn't work for me. This eye crayon in Teal Me More is such a gorgeous color for spring and summer. The only downside to this product is that you have to sharpen it. +1

This scrub is the only disappointment for me. Shocker, right? I love scrubs, but this one is way too abrasive for me, and my skin is no where near sensitive. I get that it's supposed be good because the grit is made from apricot pits, but they aren't uniform pieces and my skin feels like its being torn when I use it on my face. I'll try using it as a hand scrub instead. -1

Price Summary:
NYX Lipstick (FULL SIZE) - 5.99
Pur~Lisse Cleanser - 6.43
Milani Polish (FULL SIZE) - 4.99
Mary Kay Pencil (FULL SIZE) - 10.00
St. Ives Scrub - 0.75
Total: 28.16$ USD

Kiss, Kiss.

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