Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nail Post - Easy Snowflake Nail Pictorial

I have been so MIA. Stupid finals. This semester has sucked, but I'm still here and still making progress.
But anyway, I made this pictorial for you guys! This is the first pictorial for winter! .


  • Base Coat
  • Silver Polish
  • Silver glitter Polish
  • White Striper
  • White Polish
  • Dotting Tool
  • Sheer Shimmer Polish
  • Top Coat
Step 1: Do a base coat! DUH!

Step 2: Apply one coat of silver nail polish.

Step 3: Apply 2 coats of silver glitter top coat.

Step 4: Using a white striper, paint a 6-point snowflake on each nail. They can be any size and orientation.

Step 5: On half of the snowflakes, make shorter arms coming off of the main 6 arms. The larger ones will be easier to do.

Step 6: Take your medium sized dotting tool and make a white dot on the ends and centers of the remaining snowflakes.

Step 7: Use the more shimmery glitter top coat to apply 1-2 even coats on top of the finished snowflakes to give the nails a more frosted appearance.

Step 8: Finish these babies off with a top coat!

All done! This took me like 20 mins to do after work. I am super pleased with the results. Check my Instagram for more Christmas and holiday inspired nails! Come back and see me!

Kiss, Kiss.

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