Monday, December 30, 2013

Review/Makeup Post - December 2013 Starbox

Hey y'all! Omg welcome back. Today I am obviously going to be reviewing my very first Starbox!!!! With that being said, let me just tell you guys about the subscription. This is not at all like Ipsy or Birchbox. Starbox is a monthly subscription service that was created by the makeup brand Starlooks. Starlooks is a professional quality, internet based makeup brand. As far as the actual box goes, the cost is more expensive than Ipsy. It's 15$/month plus 2.68$ shipping. The cost is a little more than Ipsy's 10$, but with Starbox you DO NOT get sample products. All of the products they send you are full size! Each box has 3-4 FULL SIZE makeup products valued at at least 35$!!!!

When you sign up for your subscription, you take a style quiz. You also have the choice of what you get as a free gift every time someone uses your referral link. I used my friend's link when I ordered mine, she just recently received her gift in the mail. If you wanna see what she got, here is what she got from my subscription. If you wanna help me out by using my referral link, just click here to get started.

Another great thing about this box is that you're able to purchase past boxes if they still have them in stock. Each past box costs 25$. So if you just want to try out the products without the commitment, this is a great way to do so. Anyway, enough talk from me, let's get into this month's box!

December's theme was Holiday Special. With each month, they do a lookbook. The link to that is right here if you wanna check that out. Packaging this month was really simple. It arrived in a white box that has golden bronze lettering and a bright green tie.

Inside, the first thing that I see is this slip of paper announcing their new rewards program! Every three months straight that you take your Starbox, you get a free 35$ gift! That is freaking amazing! They already give you points for purchasing products through their website, but having this on top of it is crazy amazing!

There was just one item in this month's box. I should be disappointed right? WRONG!!! This month's item was a 15 shadow palette that retails for 99$! There isn't even a link for this palette on their website. It is only currently owned by current Starbox subscribers! New Year's Eve 2014 is the name on the palette.

Here come some swatches! I only had trouble with swatching one color, and that was the matte cranberry. When I say I had trouble, I mean I had to go over the color twice whereas with the others I only had to go over them once. There is a nice mix of shimmers, mattes, and satins with this palette. You could make a number of looks with this. I did not use a primer for these.

I am sooooo happy with this subscription. For my first box, I am thoroughly pleased! The shadows are soft and pigmented. I had almost no trouble with swatching them. I will be doing a look with this palette in an upcoming post or I might just post the picture on my Instagram. Until then...

Kiss, Kiss.

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