Monday, January 12, 2015

December 2014 Beauty Box 5 Unboxing

Here we go again! Welcome back for another BB5 unboxing! Yay!!!! For anyone who doesn't know, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that costs just 12$ per month and features 5 deluxe sample and full sized beauty products. Each month has a different theme. This month, that theme is Merry & Bright.

Jaqua Hydrating Facial Mist in Rose Bouquet
They weren't kidding with the name. This mist smells like straight up roses! I'm not a huge fan of the scent of roses, but this I can deal with because the smell goes away soon after the mist is absorbed into the skin. For packaging, this gets 2 thumbs up. It comes in a nice frosted glass bottle and the spray nozzle doesn't shoot product out at you in a stream. It's actually a mist. I probably won't get a whole lot of use out of this now, but come the warmer month's, it'll come in handy.

Nanacoco Nail Polish in Beatbox
This is so pretty! I used to be obsessed with glitter bomb nail polishes. There's a mix of small blue, purple, and lavender hex glitters, larger lavender hex glitters, and lavender bar glitter. This is such a great festive polish for the holiday season.

Absolute! New York Nail Polish Remover Pads in Lavender
I see where you were going with this, BB5. I see you. These are acetone-free pads, and there are 32 in the pack. It's nice and portable, so it would be a good item to put in your purse to take off your old chipped polish.

Lucky Brand Lucky Number 6 Perfume for Women
I appreciate getting to try out new scents from subscription services. This fragrance, I didn't like when I first spritzed it on my wrists, but as I wore it for a few minutes, the smell developed well with my body chemistry. It's more of an earthy, musky scent. It smells sophisticated to me.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Moisturizer
I can't say a whole lot about this product, because I didn't actually get it in my box. This is a first for me with any subscription that I've gotten. I contacted BB5, and I'm waiting on a response.

Price Summary:
Jaqua Mist (FULL SIZE) - 16.50
Nanacoco Polish (FULL SIZE) - 3.95
Absolute! Remover Pads (FULL SIZE) - 2.99
Lucky Perfume - 0.99?
Juice Beauty Moisturizer - ???
Total (w/o JB Moisturizer): 24.43$ USD

Kiss, Kiss.

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