Monday, May 19, 2014

Sweet & Sugary Pink Nail Art

I have been trying for like a week and a half to do a nail art tutorial, but work and home are killing me. So here I am finally with something I really like to show you guys how to recreate. This pictorial is very special to me. That's because it features my daughter. She wanted to have nails just like mommy!

What you'll need:
-Base Coat
-Mauvy-pink Polish
-White Polish
-Gold Glitter Polish
-White Striper
-Dotting Tool
-Nail Glue
-Square Metal Studs
-Multicolored Rhinestones
-Top Coat

Step 1: As always, apply you favorite base coat.

Step 2: Apply 2 even coats of your mauvy-pink polish to all of your nails. You'll also see this polish featured in my next post. Just as a heads up, it's a haul, lol.

Step 3: Using your white striper, put one even stripe down your ring finger. On your middle finger, do a series of stripes down the length of the nail. 

Step 4: Apply one coat of the glitter polish to your pinkie nail. 

Step 5: Sticking with the glitter top coat, make a gradient on both your pointer and middle fingers starting at the base of the nail. 

Step 6: With a dotting tool, bobby pin, or toothpick, make a polka dot pattern over the glitter on your pinkie nail using your white nail polish.

Step 7: On your first finger, apply a dot of nail glue. Then add one of the square studs so that it looks like a diamond. Do the same to your middle finger, but place the stud off to one side of the stripe. On the other side of the line, add 3 colored rhinestones.

Step 8: Apply your favorite top coat, and clean up around your nails. 

After Riley saw my nails she wanted me to do her nails.

I hope you enjoyed this nail art pictorial and this special moment with my little one. Come back in a few days to see my beauty haul!

Kiss, Kiss.

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