Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meme Box Mini #1

It came! It finally came! I have been so antsy waiting on this box! I initially purchased this box for a couple of reasons: 1) it's only 15$ for a mini box, 2) shipping is free, 3) I had 10 points on my account. So I got this box for 5$ with free shipping! I couldn't pass that up!

The bag it's shipped in is a bubblegum pink with an adorable white present on the front.

All the goodies come in an adorable hot pink box.

Inside the box is a card detailing all the items in the box. This is great, because I can't read Korean.

Everything comes in a little white bag with a pink ribbon. 

The first item I grabbed was the Verikos Ultra Matte Velvet Primer. I swatched this on the back of my hand, and the texture feels amazing! It transforms into a powder after you rub it in, but it doesn't leave any residue behind. If I like this, I'll definitely be trying to find it to purchase the full size. 

Next up is the Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream. This is a very lightweight face cream, that if you've ever used the Origins Ginzing moisturizer, you know what it feels like. It doesn't have the same light tingle that the Origins cream does, but it has the same texture. It has a nice cooling effect. 

A True Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream came out next. Koreans are all about protecting their skin from the sun, so I wasn't at all surprised to find this in my box. It has SPF 50 PA +++. It doesn't have any kind of sunscreen smell, though, which is nice if you don't like that. It feels like a lotion, and doesn't leave a white cast or tacky feeling on the skin. 

This next item has the cutest packaging, but it's the only product in the box I can't use. *tear* It is the Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB SPF 30 PA++. I would absolutely love to try out a Korean BB Cream, but there is no way any of them would make one dark enough for me, lol. I'm going to find someone to pass this along to. Any takers?

I was super excited to see the next 2 products. They are the Boh Moist Youth & Boh Radiant Youth Ampoule Essences from Botanical Hill. I've heard really great things about essences, and I have always wanted to try one! And now I have 2 to try out! The packaging is really cute, too. 

And lastly came 2 free samples of the Witch's Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base. (I know that link is to a Korean website, but it's the only one I could find with the product I was looking for.) I'm going to assume these are primer samples because the name was the only thing on the packet in English. I will not pass up a chance to try a new primer. 

Price Summary:
Verikos Primer - 3.90$
Holika Holika Cream - 4.50$
A True Sunscreen - 7.80$
Hanskin BB - 9.00$
Boh Essences - 7.02$
Total: 32.22$ USD

That is everything for my first Meme Box, and I couldn't be happier! I will have to keep getting these. My birthday is the 13th, so maybe I'll get a LuckyBox or a SuperBox for myself. See you next time!

Kiss, Kiss.

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