Monday, July 8, 2013

Product Review - Beauty Army Box

I"ll tell you a bit about the box before we get to what's in it.
Beauty Army is a monthly subscription box that only costs 12$/month.
Shipping is free.
It's one of the cheapest boxes out there.
You take a quiz to let them know what kind of products you would like to receive.
You can take the quiz a million times to choose to look at different products.
Then you can choose up to 6 samples to get shipped to you.
That's it.
You can skip a month if you want, too.
On to the box!

Here's what the packaging looked like after I opened it.
It's an awful picture, I know, but it's the best I could do haha. 
Opening it up there was a cute little card talking about Beauty Army and the products featured.
And the actual pattern inside the box was super cute. Gotta love pink camo print.

Now on to the products!

First up is the Mini Kittour frosted 30mL Travel Bottle.
It's a basic little bottle with a flip top that screws off as well. 
Good for gals on the go. 

Next are the Lash Cards.
People have really hyped these up on IG so I was really excited to try them.
I got 2 in the sample pack.
They worked well, but if you don't wanna spend the money on them, you could easily use like a stiff piece of paper that was rounded at the bottom.

Up next is the Colorsmash Hairshadow in the shade Rags to Riches.
This was absolutely awesome!
I initially added it to my box for my daughter because she had been telling me she wanted "color hair".
She loved it to death!
The color payoff is really good, it just doesn't last very long.
I would try sealing it with a hairspray after applying. 
My Addiction NV Gel Liner pot in Little Betty is next.
Loving this!
Goes on like butter and the pigmentation is divine!
I also got a sample of the Yes To Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub.
It spells pretty good and feels good on the skin.
My only problem with it is that I really like a scrub with a really course grit. 
Other than that I really liked it.
It did what it was supposed to to. 
Other than the website, I have found that you can get Yes To products at Meijer and Ulta. 
Last, but not least, is the Own Refining Moisture Night Cream. 
I had never used a night cream until I tried this one.
It's super hydrating and it left my skin feeling super smooth.
I'm typing up this blog post and it's 3:40 in the morning here, but I used the night cream around 11 pm and it still feels soooooo good.
This you can pick up at Ulta, as well. 

This was my first Beauty Army box, and I was a bit underwhelmed by the products at first.
The sizes of the products really are only sample sizes, and I am used to getting at least deluxe samples that I can use a few times before they run out. 
Overall, I am really pleased with the products themselves.
My favorites are the Own cream and the Addiction NV liner. 
On a scale of 1-10, I would give this box a 7.
The actual products were really great, but the sizes of the samples should be bigger. 

Well that was my review.
I do hope you enjoyed.
Leave me comments and questions below!
If you want to give Beauty Army a try, my referral link is in the sidebar.

Kiss, Kiss.

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