Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nail Post - Fun Fall Color Combos

I know nothing about fashion, trends, or anything of the sort. But I do know a bit about what looks good.
I am so excited that it's fall, and here are a few color combinations that I go to for when the seasons change.

Mint and Chocolate
These colors look great together no matter what the season but look great for fall when light, creamy, and understated. Colors: Julep Otte, Julep Susie

Purple Tones
Purple is always a really great color for fall. These are more transition colors from summer to fall. Colors: Julep Taylor, Julep Renee

Seasonal Shimmer
I love love love shimmer! I have been waiting all year to wear these again! Both polishes have really fine glitter to add a beautiful shimmer. Colors: OPI Germanicure By OPI, Essie Armed & Ready

Hot Metal
You can't have enough metallics in your collection. These two are two of my favorite foreign nail polishes. For some extra flair, add some silver and blue glitter for an extra cool affect. Colors: Herrmann T11, Carla 501, Sally Hansen Ice Queen

That's it for this time, my lovlies. Stay tuned!

Kiss, Kiss.

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