Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy Valentine's Day Nail Design

Hey guys! I'm back with another nail art pictorial just in time for Valentine's Day. This design was inspired by Jamylyn_nails of Instagram. She posted this design about a week ago and I really wanted to recreate it, but I had just done my nails. I always see something I want to try once I'm already in the middle of a design. Oh well. This is my take on her amazing design.


  • Base coat
  • White polish
  • Red polish
  • Black polish
  • Pink glitter polish
  • Small dotting tool
  • Nail striping brush
  • Top coat
1. Apply your favorite base coat.

2. Pain your first, second, and fourth fingers with 2 coats of white nail polish. Paint your thumb and ring fingers with 2 coats of red polish.

3. To one or all of your white nails, apply 1 coat of glitter nail polish. 

4. Using your dotting tool dipped in white polish, make a small "v" shape on the bottom right of your ring finger and thumb, and fill the middle to make a heart shape. Repeat the process with red polish to make 2-3 hearts on each of your white nails. You can stop here and add top coat, if you'd like, for a simple hearts and glitter design.

5. Dip your striping brush into the black nail polish and make a line going from the bottom of each heart to the edge of the nail. Only do this on the nails with a white base. At the end of each black line, make 2 lines on each side in the shape of a "v" to make the image of an arrow with a hear for the point. 

6. Apply top coat and clean up any polish around the nail.

Here is the finished look through step 4.

Here is the design all they through.

Thank you so much for reading this post today. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and come back and see me again. Remember that instead of using a dotting tool, you could use a toothpick or bobby pin. The same goes for the nail striper. 

Kiss, Kiss.

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