Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag

I hope you like unbaggings because I'm coming at you with another one! This month, Ipsy  has All Eyes On You. The bag for this month follows that theme. I, personally, think it's really weird. I'm not a fan of the pattern at all. 

Everyone got the Mr Write Now liner from The Balm. I got mine in the shade Jac, which is an antique gold. I love The Balm as a brand. They make one of my favorite highlighters, Betty-Lou Manizer. I have a few other products from them, and I like them all, so I hope I enjoy this liner. I think it would be perfect in the waterline or inner corner. 

Also for the eyes is the Advanced Peptide Eye Complex from Tucker Ashley. I've been super into skincare these last few weeks, and I will never complain about eye cream samples since they always last so long. This sample is a third of an ounce. Packaging is really bulky, though, which can be misleading. 

Surprise, surprise! I got a lip balm. Really, Ipsy? I can't even tell you how many of these I've gotten over the past 3 years. This one is from Lasting Smiles in the scent Peppermint Creme. It's organic, which is cool, but it's still just a lip balm.

I've received products from Hikari before, but not an eye product. This time I got the Cream Pigment in the shade Mink. It looks more like a pressed pigment, but the colors is a really pretty neutral taupe. I'll be wearing this soon. I'm sure of it. 

Peek is a new brand to me, and for that, I'm grateful. I got their Natural Stain Brow Powder in Espresso. It's a cool, ashy brown that looks dark enough to give me some decent definition. I haven't added anything to my brow stash in a while, so it's kinda cool to get a new brow product. Hopefully, I really like it. Gotta keep them brows looking fleeky. 

Price Summary:
The Balm Liner (FULL SIZE) - 17.00
Tucker Ashley Eye Cream - 20.37
Lasting Smiles Lip Balm (FULL SIZE) - 4.99
Hikari Pigment (FULL SIZE) - 13.00
Peek Brow Powder - 11.00?
Total: 66.36$ USD

I am so impressed with this bag this month! Ipsy has been letting me down lately, but they really stepped it up for the new year. The only product I have a complaint about is the lip balm. Out of the 5 items, I got 3 full sized products, 2 skincare product, and 3 makeup products. I'm totally happy about that. I may have to wait til February to see if I'm going to unsubscribe, after all.

Kiss, Kiss.

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