Friday, January 22, 2016

Morphe 35O Palette Swatches on Dark Skin

I know it can be hard to find swatches or product reviews for us WOC, but fear not! I'm here to help in any way I can. Before I bought the Morphe 35O Palette, I hadn't seen a lot of dark skinned women post any pictures of this palette or use it in any tutorials. I'm here to bring you some swatches and a mini review.

You can get this 35 shadow palette for 22.99$ on the Morphe website. That is, when you can catch it in stock. But for .66$ per shadow, it's totally worth the wait. On top of the already low price of the palette, there are a lot of affiliate codes from your favorite beauty gurus that will save you 10%.

I've heard really great things about the Morphe eyeshadow formula, and I was expecting them to be good, but not as amazing as they actually are. These eyeshadows are so incredibly pigmented and smooth. They have an amazing texture and glide on so smoothly. I was so impressed by the matte shadows. It's really hard to get a great matte eyeshadow with the amount of pigment that these have and the smoothness that these shadows have. 

I would 100% recommend any of the Morphe shadow palettes. They have a whole page full of palettes to choose from besides the 35O. Morphe even has single shadows and cream shadows to further customize your looks. 

Some of my favorite are colors that I wasn't expecting to really wow me. Maybe you'll find some hidden gems yourself. 

Kiss, Kiss.

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