Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Amazing Skin Benefits featuring Foxbrim Certified Organic Castor Oil

I wanted to branch out into the world of oils since my sister told me how much she's really been loving them. My mom has always used castor oil, and I just never got into it, but recently the rise in the oil trend has gotten me interested in trying some out. I got the opportunity to try out the Foxbrim Certified Organic Castor Oil for a discounted price thanks to HonestFew. 

The product has very basic packaging. It comes in a thick, brown glass bottle with a twist off cap. My only complaint about the bottle, is that you can't control how much product comes when you pour it. As far as the consistency of the oil goes, it's very thick. I new castor oil was a thicker oil, but for some reason I didn't expect it to be as thick as it was. Even though it is thick, it does absorb quickly and completely into the skin. With that being said, I feel like it takes at least 2 layers to get the desired moisture that I need. The oil has no discernible scent. 

I purchased this oil to use on my skin. I had intended to use it on my face. Castor is great for cleansing the skin. Whether it be to take off makeup or strictly as an oil cleanser, it works great. It's great to rub into the skin and then apply a hot towel to steam out blackheads. Just make sure the towel isn't too hot. Wouldn't want to burn yourself. 

It's also really good to lighten or help prevent stretch marks. I have stretch marks from my first pregnancy. I haven't gotten any new ones with my current pregnancy (knock on wood!), but the prospect of making my old ones less visible sounds amazing. All I have to do is rub castor oil on my zebra stripes and wrap myself in plastic wrap to let it soak in. That will have to wait until after I give birth, though. Castor oil can cause uterine contractions, and little man has a bit longer to cook. It also works on scars!

The last thing I want to point out for castor oil use for the skin is that it's a natural way to get rid of cystic acne. All you have to do is wash your face or steam it with warm water to open your pores before you go to bed. Rub some of the castor oil onto the areas you want to clear up. When you wake in the morning, rinse it off. You should notice that the size of the blemishes has decreased over night. So what's the catch? You can't do it everyday. 

I hope this was helpful for you all! Thanks for stopping by!

Kiss, Kiss.

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