Saturday, August 24, 2013

Product Review - August Ipsy Glam Bag (finally!!!!)

After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more


It only took 11 days to get here >:(

I know Ipsy was having trouble with shipping this month, but goodness! I NEVER have to wait that long to get my bag. The longest it ever took, was about 3 days after I got my tracking code. A lot of the time, I get it either the same day or the day after. But whatever...

So this month's theme was Back To School, which is super appropriate. This month's bag is way too cute. It's a gorgeous royal purple color with gold print. I love it. It's my favorite bag to date.

I got six products this month. They are:

Pixi Cosmetics Lash Boosting Mascara in Blackest Black

I wore it for school and work today, and it went on really easily. It coats well and the color is really good. They really do mean blackest black. With that being said, I did not like this mascara. It is not volumizing or lengthening at all. I'm not really sure why they call it lash boosting, because it does not do that at all. I'll be giving this to my mom or sister.
[x] Pass [] Buy

Noya Natural Lip Balm in Cherry (FULL SIZE)

Just like everyone else, I really wanted the UD lippie, but I don't actually think I would have liked either color on me. Oh well. With that being said, I have super dry lips, so getting a lip balm was pretty great. It is super hydrating, the packaging is really cute, and it made of all natural ingredients! Did I mention how cute the packaging was?
[] Pass [x] Buy

Chella Eyebrow Color Pencil in Dazzling Dark Brown (FULL SIZE)

I was not thrilled about getting this brow pencil, but I actually really liked it. The packaging is pretty and the color is actually really great. It goes well with my newly dyed hair. It's not as thick or full a brow product as I like, but it definitely does what it's supposed to do. It's good to use if you like a more natural looking brow. It also comes with a twist up cap so you don't lose any product to sharpening.
[] Pass [x] Buy

Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub

Ok I was really excited about the Michael Todd stuff. I didn't care whether I got the scrub or the mask (although I wanted the mask a bit more because I love pumpkin scented things). The scrub smells fantastic. It doesn't have an outdoorsy smell like I thought it would because of the charcoal. It smells fresh and clean like a scrub should. As far as the function goes, it works well. It isn't very gritty, though, but I like a pretty gritty scrub. It does leave your skin feeling really soft afterwards.
[] Pass [x] Buy

Pacifica Natural Skincare Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

This product scared me a bit. I don't like getting things that I'm not sure will match my skin tone. This BB cream claims to match any skin tone, and it isn't wrong. It was a bit light at first, but as it settled, it did blend pretty well. It has a slight shimmer to it, which I just love. Some people might not like the shimmer, but you could always use it as a highlight if you don't want to use it all over. I do really wish that it came in a darker shade for when I want a little more coverage. And it has not SPF. :(
[x] Pass [] Buy

And my referral product for the month, the Lime Crime Nail Polish in Crema De Limon

I am wayyyyyyyy too excited to own this! First of all, the packaging!!!!! It is DIVINE! I own nothing else by Lime Crime, so I kind of lost it when I got this. The actual bottle is super cute. The plastic is frosted and has the infamous purple unicorn on the front.
[] Pass [xxxxxxxxxxxxx] Buy

Bag Value:
Pixi Macsara - 7.14$
Noya Lip Balm - 3.99$
M Todd Scrub - 5.29$
Pacifica BB Cream - 5.44$
Lime Crime Polish - 8.00$

Total: 29.86$ USD

So I was initially really upset with this bag based on all the other options we had, but I'm overall really happy with it. The value of this bag isn't nearly as high as past bags, but it was worth triple what I paid for it. I was really upset about the shipping time, but I know I'm not the only one who got their bag really late. My sister still hasn't gotten hers. Hopefully next month's bag (a week from now) will be better and on time.

Thanks for reading, you guys. If you wanna subscribe to Ipsy, it's only 10$ a month. Click here for mobile users to visit the site, or click the link in the top right of the page. Stay tuned and stay lovely.

Kiss, Kiss.

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