Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nail Post - My First Time Using Nail Studs

So I have to start off with saying, this really is my first time wearing nail studs. I have super weird texture issues, and I absolutely hate when my nails aren't smooth. Even glitter polish bothers me if I don't put enough topcoat on them. *shiver*

But I just took the Lime Crime Creme de Limon polish from my August Ipsy bag, and added a simple design and a few studs to them. 

Here is just the swatch of the Lime Crime polish.

Then I did the unthinkable and actually put nail studs on my nail! I was actually a little tipsy when I was doing these, lol, so when I touched them for the first time after they dried, I kind of freaked out.
My husband was like, "Mikey what's wrong?"
All I could reply with was that my nails feel so wrong haha.

My daughter absolutely loves them. She thinks they feel so cool. Every time she remembers I have them on, she will come over and rub them for like 5 minutes.

To put them on, I just dabbed a bit of topcoat onto the nail. Using the tip of a pencil dipped in a bit more topcoat, I touched it to the nail stud to transfer it onto my nail. Then I used my finger to push it into place. I topped everything off with a good layer of topcoat to seal the stud into place.

Here's the finished result:

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