Friday, August 2, 2013

Nail Post - Metallic Glitter Gradient

WOW! So it's been forever. I've been a Susie Slacker haha.
Or maybe a Tired Tina, but whatever, I'm finally posting something new! YAY!

So this will be a pictorial on the nail look I just posted on Instagram. Follow the link to view my page and follow me please^-^


Step 1: Apply a coat of base coat.

Step 2: Apply one coat of white polish.

Step 3: Apply 2 coats of the gold polish to your first, second, and fourth fingers. Apply 2 coats of the silver polish to your third finger. 

Step 4:Using a makeup sponge, dab the blue polish onto a corner. Then press repeatedly onto the first and second nails until desired affect is created. Do the same with more of the gold polish to make the gradient more even.

Step 5:Apply the glitter polish on top of the silver polish in a gradient. Add a small amount near the cuticle, then gradually add more glitter down the nail so that it is the most concentrated near the cuticle. 

Step 6: Paint the thumb with 2 coats of blue polish.

Step 7: Apply top coat and clean off any excess polish. 

And that's it! I do hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Hopefully I will get to do another post Sunday or Monday. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Both links are in the top right bar.
Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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