Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Identifying Your Pimples: Purging VS Reaction Breakouts

As a beauty blogger, I try out a lot of products. Like, a lot! I have new things come in at least once a week that I have to fit into my routine and give a try to write reviews on. That being said, I sometimes breakout from new products, and I'm sure you do to. I mean, why else are you here? Lol So before you return, toss, or give that cream to a friend, I'm gonna help you learn what your breakouts mean. 

Purging - It gets worse, but then it gets better. 

Purging only happens when you're using actives. Actives are things like AHAs, BHAs, retinoids, scrubs, and peels. These all remove dead skin and allow any oil and gross stuff to come to the surface. Purging = bad stuff already in there comes out of there. Purging is cleansing your skin of existing yuckiness. So unless you're testing a new serum or something, you aren't breaking out. That's just your skincare doing it's job, and once you've used it for a while, they purging will stop. Just give new actives about 6 weeks to get out of the purging phase. If it last longer than a few months, yeah stop using that. 

Breakouts - That is NOT supposed to be there!

To tell if you're having a breakout from a product, and not just a purge, you should be getting acne where you don't normally get it or your normal breakouts get a whole lot worse and don't go away. Just don't confuse this with an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Allergic reactions happen your skin burns or gets red and itchy. Immediately stop using the new thing. Try applying a hydrocortizone cream to calm the skin. Irritation is when your skin feels sensitive from a product. 

Take your time when testing new beauty items. That new scrub you got is probably helping you. 

Kiss, Kiss.

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