Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sol Theory: The Subscription For Accessory Junkies

I have many, many, many (many!) obsessions, one of which is sunglasses! It all started with my very first pair of Ray-Bans. And then I was hooked! But Ray-Bans get expensive, and so I was lost. Left to my own devices in a sea of expensive eyewear, I had to continue wearing last year's styles. It was traumatic. But then, Sol Theory came into my life! And can you believe that they send you the latest styles for as little as 12.99/month plus shipping?! 

You can choose from 8 different subscriptions ranging from 12.99 to just 26.99 a month! And they have accessories!!! You can get a single pair, a pair for you and a pair for bae, 2 pairs for you, and a few other options. For my first month, I decided to just get my toes wet with a single pair of shades for her. I got these babies!!!


If you guys wanted to get a subscription and save some money on your first box, you can use the code "PLACE4" to save 20%. If you're lazy like me and don't wanna copy and past, just click here and my coupon code will automatically apply at checkout^-^

Kiss, Kiss.

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