Thursday, July 7, 2016 Blogger Package #1!

Hey, guys! In case you didn't know, is a Kbeauty site based out of Hong Kong, China. They've got lots of well known brands, as well as some smaller ones too. I recently received a package from them with some goodies in it to review. Here's what I got!

L'Affair AC-Dressing 3-Step Skin Renewal Mask

This was the very first thing I tried out, because it looked the most interesting. I'd seen this type of mask before, but I had never tried one before. It was pretty cool. You can definitely get at least 2 uses out of the cleanser and the ampoule, and the mask was really nice too. I enjoyed using this. It's really great for travel. (IG)

Nature Republic Avocado Real Nature Mask Sheet

I really like avocado for my hair because it's super hydrating and keeps my hair hydrated. I have normal/dry skin, so for me, this mask was a little too rich. I like that it's super hydrating, but it's too hydrating for me. I may pick up more when winter hits and see if I like them better when it's drier out. (IG)

Mirum Fresh Fruit Lemon Real Nature Mask Pack

Mirum is a brand I'd never heard of until I started following Skin 18 on Instagram. Lemon is definitely a flavor I would have chosen for myself. I like the tingle of a lemon mask, which this one had, and I like it for brightening the skin. I had 2 gripes about this mask: 1) It took some effort to get the mask to stick to my chin, and 2) the essence wasn't evenly distributed on the sheet. (IG)

Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip

I think I've used a nose strip one other time in my life, and at that point, I may have had 1 or 2 blackheads. I take much better care of my skin now, so I didn't really need this. For review purposes, I tested it out. It was super easy to apply, but I was NOT prepared for the hurt that comes with taking it off. I think this would be better suited to people who have lots of pores on their nose. (IG)

Ben & Sera 30 Days Anti-Aging Project Serum

Serums are one of my favorite skincare products. I was most excited to try this out. Skin 18 sent out a sample, but I got a good 5 uses out of it. It has a slightly oily texture but sinks in fast and doesn't leave any residue. I would absolutely pick up another of these. (IG)

If you want to see my full reviews on each of these products, just click the links at the end of each little blurb. Thank you so much to Skin 18 for sending this package out. I hope to work with them again very soon. Until next time...

Kiss, Kiss.

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