Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Current Night Time Skincare Routine

I've never done a post like this before, and I'm always trying to find new things to post on my blog. So I thought I would give a skincare routine a try. I use a lot of different things on my face. I love trying out new products, so usually I don't have a set routine. But for the last few weeks, I've been pretty much using the same few products, at least at night, to cleanse my face with.

1. I like a really full coverage face, so at night I obviously have to take all that makeup off of my face. So lately I've been using the Global Beauty Care Facial Cleansing Wipes to remove the majority of my makeup. These come in a 3-pack at Five Below for a whopping 5$! There are 25 wipes in a pack, so it's a really great value.

2. After taking off my makeup, I have to make my face squeaky clean. Lately I've been using my Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream Plus Moisturizers. This tub is massive! I've had it for 6 months or so, and I'm still not even half way through it. This helps to take off any makeup left over from the wipes and just to take off all the dirt, dead skin, and oil from the day. It tingles when you wash with it, which I love. It makes my face feel like it's getting a really great cleanse.

3. I tend to also use my Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush with a cream cleanser. I have the old version. I really like the extra exfoliation it gives and that I can see all the gross dirt and foundation coming off on the brush. 

4. At least twice a week I use a mask on my face. My current favorite is the Proactiv Refining Mask. It sucks all the oil out of my skin, which is great for spring and summer. I get really oily in my T-zone, so this is something that helps me out a whole lot. 

5. Once my face is nice and clean, I have to use a toner. The toner that I use literally 99% of the time is the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner. I know. I use a lot of Proactiv products. I used to work for them, and the stuff really works lol. This is my favorite thing to put on my face. I love the smell of it and the way it makes my skin look and feel. 

6. Because of finals and the warmer weather, I've been breaking out lately. So to combat that I use the (surprise!) Proactiv Repairing Treatment. Like I said, I used to work for Proactiv, and I've seen the changes it's made to people's skin. It really helps to get rid of any blemishes that I have. If I see them pop up and then I use this at night, they're significantly smaller in the morning. Sometimes, they're completely gone. 

7. After I make sure all my acne is taken care of, I use a night cream. The one I've been using for about 9 months now is the Own Refining Moisture Night Cream. I got this as a sample in a subscription box last summer, and I could not believe how great it made my skin feel. It's supposed to help with anti-aging as well as moisturize the skin. 

8. The last thing I do to my face at night, is use an eye cream. I use the CVS Advanced Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Formula Day & Night Eye Cream.  I've always had issues with dark circles under my eyes and constantly looking tired. This stuff is cheap and works really well. I've definitely seen improvement since I got it. 

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. I will try to do an updated one in a few months, as well as a morning skincare routine. I would have done that one first, but it isn't as set as what I use at night. 

Kiss, Kiss.

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