Sunday, May 10, 2015

All Gone!: Hair Care & Body Care

It's so exciting when I get to go through my trash! I'm so happy when I finish a product. I've been saving these things up for a while, and I finally feel like I have enough to show you guys, so let's jump in! Whether or not I would repurchase will be indicated in the product photos.

Starting with haircare, I have three rinse out products. From one subscription box or another, I ended up with 2 hair masks: Novex Brasilian Keratin and Hask Argan Oil. I enjoyed them both. I have a few of the Hask masks as backups. I got 2-3 uses from each packet, and my hair feels super soft after each use. I like the Hask one better, though.

My regular conditioner finally ran out, as well. I used the entirety of the larger bottle of the Pantene Relaxed & Natural Dry to Moisturized Conditioner. This is not the first bottle of this I've used. I used to love this line of products, but now only use the conditioner since finding other products that work better on my hair. The scent is great, though.

Moving on to leave-in hair products, I finally finished travel sized products that I've had forever! I don't tend to put a ton of product in my hair, so it's not that surprising. I have 3 Sexy Hair products: Soy Renewal Beach Spray, Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner, and Spray Clay. I was completely addicted to the Leave in Conditioner. I alternated use of the other two depending on the level of hold and texture I wanted to add to my hair. I'm not huge on hairspray, but this one was alright. It did what it said.

I finished one hair oil from Dove: the Pure Care Dry Oil. For being such a small sample, it lasted a very long time. I would apply it about twice a week to the ends of my hair or where ever it felt really dry. It didn't have a very impressive smell, but it didn't smell bad at all. I've come to really love hair oils.

The first of 2 "Riley products" that met their end is the Meijer Kids! Hair Detangler. My daughter is mixed and has fine, wavy hair that tangles incredibly easily. I've had to use detangler on her hair ever since it was long enough to comb. This was super cheap, and it did a good job of loosening the knots in her hair. The only drawback to it is the film it left.

I have two empty body washes! The first was mine. I have always loved Bath & Bodyworks. This one was the Stress Relief Body Wash & Foam Bath in Eucalyptus Spearmint. It smelled soooooo good! I need to go buy like 10 more of these. This was the first time I'd tried out this scent, and I loved it. Riley finished the Scooby-Doo Body Wash in Ghostly Grape. She says her favorite thing about it is Scooby-Doo. She's totally in love with Freddy Jones.

So I go through a lot of lotion. I mean A LOT of lotion. I wash my hands a lot at work, and I keep lotion with me. Most of these are travel size. From the drugstore, I have Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Body Lotion, Nourish Organic Coconut & Argan Body Lotion, and 2 of the Jergens BB Body Creams. I hated the Olay lotion. It was too thin and left a weird residue. Nourish Organics didn't mesh well with my natural scent, but the Jergens I adore!

From BBW, I have a full size bottle of Forever Sunshine, and 3 travel size bottles of Secret Wonderland, Apple Blossom Citrus, and Country Chic. Forever Sunshine is my fave of the bunch. I finished 2 specialty lotions: Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream and OPI Avojuice Skin Quencher in Mango. I hated the Mitchell and Peach. It got lumpy like a week after I opened it and it left a really thick residue on my hands. It was gross.

Thanks for checking out my trash! Come back and see what else I'm throwing away.

Kiss, Kiss.

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