Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Purge: Single Eyeshadows

I finally bought a magnetic palette to put my single shadows in. I was going to start depotting them, and decided I might as well go through them and get rid of the ones I don't use anymore.

I have a no name shadow from Forever 21 that I know I shouldn't keep. The color is really pretty, but the quality is not there. It really lacks pigmentation. One that I know I'm keeping is Chocolate Kiss from Mary Kay. It is such a pretty shade.

These Next 2 are from NYX. The first is called Nutmeg. I use it occasionally. It isn't ,y favorite shimmery brown, but it isn't my least favorite. The other is called Purple. Easy name, right? This one I like more than Nutmeg, but I'm keeping both.

My two Maybelline singles are a bronze and a green. The bronze shade is called Copper Craze, while the green is called Antique Jade. I picked these up on clearance at Meijer about a year ago. I love the green shade way too much.

Also from Maybelline is a super old baked shadow called Mocha Mirage. I think they still sell this shade. I've used a lot of the bronze side, and that's part of why I kept it. Both sides are really pretty, though.

I've got two lovely Pacifica shadows that I got from previous Ipsy bags. I like all three shades. One pan is a duo with no name. The single shadow is called Ethereal. In the pan, Ethereal looks a lot like the lighter shade from the duo, but that one is an iridescent purple and Ethereal is more of a champagne.

My newest two eyeshadows are from elf and The Balm. I'm keeping these to see if I'll love them as much as I think I will. elf's shadow is called Coffee Bean, and The Balm's shadow is Fit from the Nude Dude palette.

Last are my only two Starlooks singles. Starlooks makes professional quality makeup, and believe me, it is amazing. I especially love Tan Glow, but Traffic Yellow is so unique. I have to keep them both.

Starting Number: 13
Ending Number: 11

I only got rid of two of these shadows, but it's still less than I had before. I'm pretty proud of myself for finally going through and depotting most of these, as well. See you next time.

Kiss, Kiss.

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