Saturday, May 30, 2015

Coastal Scents Haul

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I have a little Coastal Scents haul for you. Today's haul has just 4 items, but they're some pretty amazing items. Let's get started.

The smallest item of the bunch is Envision Length Mascara. The picture of the brush head on the site looks like it has longer rubber bristles that taper down to shorter ones at the end. The tube has a sleek and simple design. I've got a few open mascaras open right now, so this one will have to wait.

Up next, I have the Color Me Fuchsia Brush Set. It comes with 5 brushes and a black carrying case. These are the perfect size to travel with, and if you only wanted to do a simple look, you have all the brushes you would need. You've got a flat concealer brush that could double as an eyeshadow brush is you like to apply concealer with your fingers like I do. There's a dense C-shaped shadow brush, a tapered blending brush, and a small detailer brush to round out the eyes. The only face brush included in the set is a huge, fluffy, rounded long handled kabuki brush.

This next product, I feel like will be kind of hit or miss for me. It's the Eclipse Palette that comes with 15 concealer and corrector shades. I'm happy that it will suite a wide variety of people, and if you're a makeup artist, this would make a great addition to your kit. I do my friends makeup a lot when they come over, and I never have anything I can use on my lighter complected friends. I was hoping this would help me out with that.

I saved the best for last: The Revealed 2 Palette! I was so stoked when they released this as a competitor to the Naked 3. I don't own the original Revealed Palette, but this one I can already tell will be amazing. The shade range that you get and the range of finishes is unbelievable. Out of the 20 eyeshadows, 10 are satin, 3 are shimmers, and 7 are matte. I'm surprised so many are matte and so little are shimmery, but I am impressed. The matte shades are perfect for the crease or lower lash line.

Next time I purchase from Coastal Scents, I want to get more of their brushes and more than a handful of their single shadows. I've heard they're incredible.

Kiss, Kiss.

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